26. Important WordPress plugins for a new website

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 05:12 am.

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Hi and welcome back to this WordPress course by Bizanosa.com .

In this video I’m going to tell you about a few plugins that are necessary for your new WordPress website.


Contact Form

Every website needs a contact form . You can go and read about it here. Once you install the plugin you can create your forms.


Then the next plugins are SEO plugins . So for SEO plugins we have Yoast SEO . Then we also have all in one SEO. So just take a look at it. Install it and see how it will help you.

Yoast Seo in my opinion, this is the better option. So, if you have to use a plugin between this and the other one, I would recommend Yoast SEO.


Then security plugins, we have WordFence security . WordFence is a very powerful plugin. And you know with WordPress ,let me log out. And use the right username and the wrong password .That means the username is right and the password is wrong , so if a hacker was to go to your login page and know this , they’ll have half the problem solved .They’ll just know that the username is right , OK I’m on the right track now I need to work on the password . so, to prevent this, we have WordFence Security .

Install this plugin, there is a lot of features here. There are lots of features that you can take a look at in this plugin. Just install it and see all the options that you have . Take your time to look at all the features that are in WordFence .This is one of the best WordPress Security plugins.


So the next thing that we want to look at are Cache plugins .Cache plugins help in speeding p the load time for your website ,if the website is already cached on your server or on the users browser .

The first cache plugin that we have is W3 total cache and WP Super Cache. Just install the plugins, try them out and see what options you have .

Jetpack / Spam

Then , we have JetPack and Akismet . Akismet is already installed .It is there, you can just activate it. To activate it you need an account with WordPress.com . Create an account with WordPress.com and you will be able to use Akismet .

The next plugin that I want us to look at is JetPack. Jetpack has lots of other modules/plugins within that are very useful.

If you have a new website you can try these plugins but always remember that the more the number of plugins on your website, the slower your website will get because of the requests that have to be made.

Use a plugin a plugin if you have to, if you don’t really need it, deactivate it and uninstall it. We saw how to do that when we were looking at plugins.

See you in the next video.

2 thoughts on “26. Important WordPress plugins for a new website”

  1. There is no doubt that These are the must have WordPress plugins for every blogger.

    Currently I am using few of them like Yoast SEO, Jetpack, W3 Total Cache, Redirection, Wp Smush.it.

    For WordPress security, I am using ” iThemes security ” also known as ” Better WP Security “.

    Thanks for sharing this list with us.

    • Thanks Brenda , I will definitely check out iThemes Security . I have relied on WordFence a lot . I did try other security plugins at first but settled with WOrdfence. I will try the better WP security plugin. And see how it is. Thanks and you are welcome


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