25. WordPress Settings – What does each link do?

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 05:11 am.

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Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to this Bizanosa course.

In this video I want us to go back to the WordPress settings and revisit some of the things we saw, once we had installed WordPress.

So, I will go to settings. Under general settings we saw that you can change the Site Title, here. You can change the tagline. That is the Tagline.

Then you can change the WordPress address. WordPress Address is where it is installed on your Server/computer. For the site address, this is how people will be able to get to your website.

So, if you wanted to add or remove WWW, if your website has WWW and you don’t want the WWW, you can come here. And see if it is here, if it is here you will remove it here and remove it there as well.

So, if it was here , you’d come and remove it.

Then , your Email, you can change your email. This is the address that is used for Admin purposes. Notifications, logins ,recovering your password or username. The admin email will be used for all of that. If you have someone develop your website for you, always make sure you change this back to your address if you want to be the one that takes care of Admin issues on your website.

You can check this, if you want people to register . We’ve seen user roles .If your website is a membership website , you want to be sure to give people the user role that will give them capabilities based on what you want them to be able to do on the website.

You can change your Time zone here. You will just pick it from here. You can change the Date Format, Time Format , Week starts on. You can change your language here.

Let’s say you are managing a website for someone else and their website is maybe in German , so you would come here and change it back to English so that you can be able to do whatever you want to do .And then once you are done , change it back to their language.

Once you make any changes here, just make sure you save those changes by clicking on Save Changes.

So I’ll go to Writing. Writing settings. So, Default Post Category . This was uncategorized , we just renamed it to hanging posts. If you didn’t watch that video, go back to the posts video .And you’ll see in the second posts video , we saw how to work with WordPress categories.

These are posts types. It is basically the predominant style in the page or in the post Format. So, if your WordPress website maybe is a gallery website , may be you’d use this gallery, if your theme is predominantly a gallery kind of theme and image kind of theme. But you don’t have to mind about this . The default will always be ok.

Posts via Email, I never use this .I’ve never used that .

So if you make any changes, as usual make sure you save the changes. Then I will go into reading settings. So, here in reading ,you saw how we changed the front page. Initially it was Your Latest Posts which was just showing the latest posts only. Then, we created a homepage, and we created a blog page.

And we came and added them here accordingly.

So, you can also change the number of posts that are visible. Let’s change this to 3 so that I can show you what this means. This is for RSS. If people go to your RSS feeds how many posts do you want them to see. You can change this.

For each article in a feed show, summary ,yes .

Search Engine Visibility. So, if you want your website to be indexed, you will leave this unchecked. Leave it unchecked if you want your website to be found by Google ,Bing and any other Search engines.

So, we’ll save these changes and go back here into blog. Once I do that, you will see that the number of posts has been limited to Three , then we have next, so you can go to the next three . And then the next three.

That’s what we changed here by reducing the number of posts that are shown.

Then we’ll go into Discussion and see what we can do about comments. Under discussion settings, you can read all of these, you can read them one by one and see what you want to be turned on and what you want to be turned off for your website.

So, avatars, these are like the profile images. If someone signs up on your website and they don’t have gravatar , you can choose which one you want for your website. Once you make changes, just save changes.

Then under Media , Media settings. You can change the sizes for the thumbnail, the medium size and the large size. So when we were creating our pages you saw that there are a number of situations that I had to go click on edit, to edit the image sizes on WordPress. So if you want to change the sizes, you can change the sizes right here.

If you want your medium images to be slightly bigger or slightly smaller, all of that can be changed right here .

So you can see how to organize your uploads . Let’s go into our uploads folder , wp-content .And all the images that are uploaded on your website, they will always be under wp-content , uploads. So, you can see it is being arranged by the year. These are images that I uploaded in 2015 in September .So all the images are arranged according to month and year.

Uploads, 2015 . Then I go into 2015 and I will see 9. If there are images that I will upload in October ,they will be 10 , November 11, December 12. And so on and so on.

If you make any changes, save the changes.

Then I will go into permalinks. Permalinks is a very important setting. In older WordPress versions, this used to be the default. Every time you created a WordPress website, you had to come here and change it to something else.

The default changed. I don’t know which one it is. I think it is the one for year , month and year, Month and Name . However, I always prefer to use this as my url link . So if the name of my post is new post, it will just be my website link (domain name ) slash the post. And if it is category it will be category slash the post.

So I use that. And that is good for SEO purposes. I never use any of these. I don’t think you will find need to change them either.

Okay, that does it for this video. In the next video I will just go over a short list of a few plugins that you can install every time you install a new WordPress website. I’ll see you in that video where we’ll talk about important plugins for a new WordPress website.

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