Last updated on March 22nd, 2023 at 02:35 pm.

The main Bizanosa Service

We install web hosting control panels on Linux virtual servers and set up WordPress.

What is a web hosting control panel?

A web control panel is a web interface that allows you to easily manage your web server. Let’s say you get yourself a VPS server from a cloud provider, to make your hosting easier, you’d install a Control Panel. 

Some tasks you can achieve with control panels include:

  • Create/manage domains and subdomains
  • Create email accounts
  • Installing CMSes such as WordPress
  • Manage DNS
  • Setting up SSL
  • Managing FTP
  • Monitor resource usage
  • Managing files ,if it has a file manager
  • Monitor website analytics and server resources

ethernet cables plugged on a server rack

“As a beginner to self-hosting, a control panel will make your work very easy. If you need to host your website(s) on a virtual cloud server, then a control panel is definitely the path of least resistance.” ~Ricky Wahowa

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Control Panels we can install and setup for you

Free Control Panels:

  • HestiaCP (recommended)
  • Virtualmin
  • Cyberpanel
  • Others

Commercial panels:

  • Directadmin  (recommended)
  • cPanel
  • Plesk
  • Others

Server security comes first

We will harden your Linux server first before installing the control panel. We will improve your server security. On top of that, we’ll configure automatic updates so that your server always stay secure with the latest kernel and software releases. 

Only Linux

When it comes to Servers, Linux is the preferred server OS. Almost every server application is usually built for it. Linux is pretty lightweight and can even run on 1 GB memory without issues. And most of all, it is free.

For your server, we’ll usually use Debian or Ubuntu LTS. 

CMS – WordPress set up

After installing the control panel, we will install or migrate your WordPress website. We’ll update your DNS records and leave your website running without issues. 

The following will be completed:

  • Install / migrate WordPress
  • Ensure SSL is active
  • Ensure your domain is pointed to your server


One time setup

If you need a Control Panel installed and WordPress set up, order this gig using the buy now button below.


Support Subscription

If you need monthly server support or WordPress support. We can troubleshoot your server and WordPress hosting.

$10 p.m – Contact us to get started

Agency Subscription

If you are an Agency or a freelancer who will constantly need website migration or installation on a VPS, this subscription service is for you.

Sign up for this subscription service. For a first time subscriber, it must be paid annually. Second year, pay annually or monthly.

In this service, we can 

  • Install or migrate you from one Cloud provider to another
  • Install multiple Websites in your Control panel
  • Set up max of 3 new control panels every month
  • Install/migrate your client’s WordPress to your panel
  • Provide monthly server support and maintenance

$29 p.m or $319 p.a – Contact us