Technology and business- Most Important technology in Business

Last updated on August 30th, 2016 at 12:31 pm.

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The days of doing business manually are long gone. If you want to forge ahead and grow your business you must be ahead in terms of technology. Technology makes doing business easier. Technology is a design or a tool or a technique to solve a particular problem. The most basic of implementations that any business in the 21st Century must have:

A website

A website is the most important information centre for any business. Take it this way, people who do not know you, have never heard about you, don’t even know where they can find you are in need of your services or product. What are they going to do? They are going to search the internet, whether it is on google or yahoo or whatever search engine. They will get results based on their search, and those results come from the owners websites. If your business does not have a website, then there is no chance these people will ever find you. Missed opportunity is a reduction in your potential profit. A website is a simple platform to enable you reach more people all year round. Take advantage of the low cost marketing a website brings to you.



The internet is the home of research. The internet has one of the cheapest modes of communication, you can email, reach out on social media, take advantage of Skype and so on. Get internet connection in your business premise and you will have the world’s encyclopaedia. The internet is your friend, get connected.



Computers are mandatory in your business.There is so much you can do with them . Automating your processes such as inventory management, accounting, payroll system and so much more. Computers must be there in your premise, networked and functioning properly. Learn how to use computers or else hire someone who can . But before that you got to buy them and keep them in your premise.


Data Backup Mechanisms

You must back up your data. You can lose your records and be at a standstill or start from scratch. Data back up can be as manual as using physical hard disks to back up or automated through online services. Backing up can also be done on a server within your premise or remote server. Some online services you can check out are dropbox, google drive, etc. There are so many file sharing and storage options available out there, just be sure to research as much as possible before choosing which one to use. Check for past complains and security issues and vulnerabilities that were highlighted in the past. It is wise to have backups for your back ups as well, especially for the most important of files.


Mobile phones

Your business line must be reachable at all times. Your customers and your prospective clients need to get in touch with you.If you don’t have a mobile phone and you don’t have a business line, you need to stop reading and go buy one right now. Easy communication is key in business.


Technology is very important for your growth, there are some important technology aspects that I have not mentioned here but that does not mean they are not important. Whatever I haven,t mentioned be sure to add it in the comment.




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