Special Characters and Symbols – HTML, CSS and JS representations

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Special Characters and Symbols HTML, CSS and JS representations

The following are the :

  • HTML codes for special characters and symbols
  • CSS representations of the characters
  • JavaScript Hexadecimal (Hex) and Octal Representations


HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal)


" " quotation mark u+0022 ISOnum \0022 \42
# # # number sign u+0023 ISOnum \0023 \43
$ $ $ dollar sign u+0024 ISOnum \0024 \44
% % % percent sign u+0025 ISOnum \0025 \45
& & & ampersand u+0026 ISOnum \0026 \46
' ' apostrophe u+0027 ISOnum \0027 \47
( ( ( left parenthesis u+0028 ISOnum \0028 \50
) ) ) right parenthesis u+0029 ISOnum \0029 \51
* * * asterisk u+002A ISOnum \002a \52
+ + + plus sign u+002B ISOnum \002b \53
, , , comma u+002C ISOnum \002c \54
− - hyphen-minus u+002D ISOnum \002d \55
. . . full stop; period u+002E ISOnum \002e \56
/ / / solidus; slash u+002F ISOnum \002f \57
: : : colon u+003A ISOnum \003a \72
; ; &#59; semicolon u+003B ISOnum \003b \73
&lt; < &#60; less-than u+003C ISOnum \003c \74
&equals; = &#61; equals u+003D ISOnum \003d \75
&gt; > &#62; greater-than sign u+003E ISOnum \003e \76
&quest; ? &#63; question mark u+003F ISOnum \003f \77
&commat; @ &#64; at sign; commercial at u+0040 ISOnum \0040 \100
&lsqb; [ &#91; left square bracket u+005B ISOnum \005b \133
&bsol; \ &#92; backslash u+005C ISOnum \005c \134
&rsqb; ] &#93; right square bracket u+005D ISOnum \005d \135
&Hat; ^ &#94; circumflex accent u+005E ISOnum \005e \136
&lowbar; _ &#95; low line u+005F ISOnum \005f \137
&grave; ` &#96; grave accent u+0060 ISOnum \0060 \u0060
&lcub; { &#123; left curly bracket u+007b ISOnum \007b \173
&verbar; | &#124; vertical bar u+007c ISOnum \007c \174
&rcub; } &#125; right curly bracket u+007d ISOnum \007d \175
~ &#125; tilde u+007e ISOnum \007e \176


HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal)
&nbsp; &#160; no-break space %A0 \00a0 \240
&iexcl; ¡ &#161; inverted exclamation mark %A1 \00a1 \241
&cent; ¢ &#162; cent sign %A2 \00a2 \242
&pound; £ &#163; pound sterling sign %A3 \00a3 \243
&curren; ¤ &#164; general currency sign %A4 \00a4 \244
&yen; ¥ &#165; yen sign %A5 \00a5 \245
&#x20B9; &#x20B9; Indian Rupee (INR) sign U+20B9 \20B9 \u20B9
&brvbar; ¦ &#166; broken (vertical) bar %A6 \00a6 \246
&sect; § &#167; section sign %A7 \00a7 \247
&uml; ¨ &#168; umlaut (dieresis) %A8 \00a8 \250
&copy; © &#169; copyright sign %A9 \00a9 \251
&ordf; ª &#170; ordinal indicator, feminine %AA \00aa \252
&laquo; « &#171; angle quotation mark, left %AB \00ab \253
&not; ¬ &#172; not sign %AC \00ac \254
&shy; &#173; soft hyphen %AD \00ad \255
&reg; ® &#174; registered sign %AE \00ae \256
&macr; ¯ &#175; macron %AF \00af \257
&deg; ° &#176; degree sign %B0 \00b0 \260
&plusmn; ± &#177; plus-or-minus sign %B1 \00b1 \261
&sup2; ² &#178; superscript two %B2 \00b2 \262
&sup3; ³ &#179; superscript three %B3 \00b3 \263
&acute; ´ &#180; acute accent %B4 \00b4 \264
&micro; µ &#181; micro sign %B5 \00b5 \265
&para; &#182; pilcrow (paragraph sign) %B6 \00b6 \266
&middot; · &#183; middle dot %B7 \00b7 \267
&cedil; ¸ &#184; cedilla %B8 \00b8 \270
&sup1; ¹ &#185; superscript one %B9 \00b9 \271
&ordm; º &#186; ordinal indicator, masculine %BA \00ba \272
&raquo; » &#187; angle quotation mark, right %BB \00bb \273
&frac14; ¼ &#188; fraction one-quarter %BC \00bc \274
&frac12; ½ &#189; fraction one-half %BD \00bd \275
&frac34; ¾ &#190; fraction three-quarters %BE \00be \276
&iquest; ¿ &#191; inverted question mark %BF \00bf \277
&Agrave; À &#192; capital A, grave accent %C0 \00c0 \300
&Aacute; Á &#193; capital A, acute accent %C1 \00c1 \301
&Acirc; Â &#194 ; capital A, circumflex accent %C2 \00c2 \302
&Atilde; Ã &#195; capital A, tilde %C3 \00c3 \303
&Auml; Ä &#196; capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark %C4 \00c4 \304
&Aring; Å &#197; capital A, ring %C5 \00c5 \305
&AElig; Æ &#198; capital AE diphthong (ligature) %C6 \00c6 \306
&Ccedil; Ç &#199; capital C, cedilla %C7 \00c7 \307
&Egrave; È &#200; capital E, grave accent %C8 \00c8 \310
&Eacute; É &#201; capital E, acute accent %C9 \00c9 \311
&Ecirc; Ê &#202; capital E, circumflex accent %CA \00ca \312
&Euml; Ë &#203; capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark %CB \00cb \313
&Igrave; Ì &#204; capital I, grave accent %CC \00cc \314
&Iacute; Í &#205; capital I, acute accent %CD \00cd \315
&Icirc; Î &#206; capital I, circumflex accent %CE \00ce \316
&Iuml; Ï &#207; capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark %CF \00cf \317
&ETH; Ð &#208; capital Eth, Icelandic %D0 \00d0 \320
&Ntilde; Ñ &#209; capital N, tilde %D1 \00d1 \321
&Ograve; Ò &#210; capital O, grave accent %D2 \00d2 \322
&Oacute; Ó &#211; capital O, acute accent %D3 \00d3 \323
&Ocirc; Ô &#212; capital O, circumflex accent %D4 \00d4 \324
&Otilde; Õ &#213; capital O, tilde %D5 \00d5 \325
&Ouml; Ö &#214; capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark %D6 \00d6 \326
&times; × &#215; multiply sign %D7 \00d7 \327
&Oslash; Ø &#216; capital O, slash %D8 \00d8 \330
&Ugrave; Ù &#217; capital U, grave accent %D9 \00d9 \331
&Uacute; Ú &#218; capital U, acute accent %DA \00da \332
&Ucirc; Û &#219; capital U, circumflex accent %DB \00db \333
&Uuml; Ü &#220; capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark %DC \00dc \334
&Yacute; Ý &#221; capital Y, acute accent %DD \00dd \335
&THORN; Þ &#222; capital THORN, Icelandic %DE \00de \336
&szlig; ß &#223; small sharp s, German (sz ligature) %DF \00df \337
&agrave; à &#224; small a, grave accent %E0 \00e0 \340
&aacute; á &#225; small a, acute accent %E1 \00e1 \341
&acirc; â &#226; small a, circumflex accent %E2 \00e2 \342
&atilde; ã &#227; small a, tilde %E3 \00e3 \343
&auml; ä &#228; small a, dieresis or umlaut mark %E4 \00e4 \344
&aring; å &#229; small a, ring %E5 \00e5 \345
&aelig; æ &#230; small ae diphthong (ligature) %E6 \00e6 \346
&ccedil; ç &#231; small c, cedilla %E7 \00e7 \347
&egrave; è &#232; small e, grave accent %E8 \00e8 \350
&eacute; é &#233; small e, acute accent %E9 \00e9 \351
&ecirc; ê &#234; small e, circumflex accent %EA \00ea \352
&euml; ë &#235; small e, dieresis or umlaut mark %EB \00eb \353
&igrave; ì &#236; small i, grave accent %EC \00ec \354
&iacute; í &#237; small i, acute accent %ED \00ed \355
&icirc; î &#238; small i, circumflex accent %EE \00ee \356
&iuml; ï &#239; small i, dieresis or umlaut mark %EF \00ef \357
&eth; ð &#240; small eth, Icelandic %F0 \00f0 \360
&ntilde; ñ &#241; small n, tilde %F1 \00f1 \361
&ograve; ò &#242; small o, grave accent %F2 \00f2 \362
&oacute; ó &#243; small o, acute accent %F3 \00f3 \363
&ocirc; ô &#244; small o, circumflex accent %F4 \00f4 \364
&otilde; õ &#245; small o, tilde %F5 \00f5 \365
&ouml; ö &#246; small o, dieresis or umlaut mark %F6 \00f6 \366
&divide; ÷ &#247; divide sign %F7 \00f7 \367
&oslash; ø &#248; small o, slash %F8 \00f8 \370
&ugrave; ù &#249; small u, grave accent %F9 \00f9 \371
&uacute; ú &#250; small u, acute accent %FA \00fa \372
&ucirc; û &#251; small u, circumflex accent %FB \00fb \373
&uuml; ü &#252; small u, dieresis or umlaut mark %FC \00fc \374
&yacute; ý &#253; small y, acute accent %FD \00fd \375
&thorn; þ &#254; small thorn, Icelandic %FE \00fe \376
&yuml; ÿ &#255; small y, dieresis or umlaut mark %FF \00ff \377


HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal)
&OElig; Π&#338; latin capital ligature oe u+0152 ISOlat2 \0152 \u0152
&oelig; œ &#339; latin small ligature oe u+0153 ISOlat2 \0153 \u0153
&Scaron; Š &#352; latin capital letter s with caron u+0160 ISOlat2 \0160 \u0160
&scaron; š &#353; latin small letter s with caron u+0161 ISOlat2 \0161 \u0161
&Yuml; Ÿ &#376; latin capital letter y with diaeresis u+0178 ISOlat2 \0178 \u0178
&fnof; ƒ &#402; latin small f with hook u+0192 ISOtech \0192 \u0192


HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal)
&circ; ˆ modifier letter circumflex accent u+02C6 ISOpub \02c6 \u02c6
&tilde; ˜ small tilde u+02DC ISOdia \02dc \u02dc
&Alpha; Α &#913; greek capital letter alpha u+0391 \0391 \u0391
&Beta; Β &#914; greek capital letter beta u+0392 \0392 \u0392
&Gamma; Γ &#915; greek capital letter gamma u+0393 ISOgrk3 \0393 \u0395
&Delta; Δ &#916; greek capital letter delta u+0394 ISOgrk3 \0394 \u0394
&Epsilon; Ε &#917; greek capital letter epsilon u+0395 \0395 \u0395
&Zeta; Ζ &#918; greek capital letter zeta u+0396 \0396 \u0396
&Eta; Η &#919; greek capital letter eta u+0397 \0397 \u0397
&Theta; Θ &#920; greek capital letter theta u+0398 ISOgrk3 \0398 \u0398
&Iota; Ι &#921; greek capital letter iota u+0399 \0399 \u0399
&Kappa; Κ &#922; greek capital letter kappa u+039A \039a \u039a
&Lambda; Λ &#923; greek capital letter lambda u+039B ISOgrk3 \039b \u039b
&Mu; Μ &#924; greek capital letter mu u+039C \039c \u039c
&Nu; Ν &#925; greek capital letter nu u+039D \039d \u039D
&Xi; Ξ &#926; greek capital letter xi u+039E ISOgrk3 \039e \u039e
&Omicron; Ο &#927; greek capital letter omicron u+039F \039f \u039f
&Pi; Π &#928; greek capital letter pi u+03A0 ISOgrk3 \03a0 \u03a0
&Rho; Ρ &#929; greek capital letter rho u+03A1 \03a1 \u03a1
&Sigma; Σ &#931; greek capital letter sigma u+03A3 ISOgrk3 \03a3 \u03A3
&Tau; Τ &#932; greek capital letter tau u+03A4 \03a4 \u03A4
&Upsilon; Υ &#933; greek capital letter upsilon u+03A5 ISOgrk3 \03a5 \u03A5
&Phi; Φ &#934; greek capital letter phi u+03A6 ISOgrk3 \03a6 \u03A6
&Chi; Χ &#935; greek capital letter chi u+03A7 \03a7 \u03A7
&Psi; Ψ &#936; greek capital letter psi u+03A8 ISOgrk3 \03a8 \u03A8
&Omega; Ω &#937; greek capital letter omega u+03A9 ISOgrk3 \03a9 \u03A9
&alpha; α &#945; greek small letter alpha u+03B1 ISOgrk3 \03b1 \u03b1
&beta; β &#946; greek small letter beta u+03B2 ISOgrk3 \03b2 \u03b2
&gamma; γ &#947; greek small letter gamma u+03B3 ISOgrk3 \03b3 \u03b3
&delta; δ &#948; greek small letter delta u+03B4 ISOgrk3 \03b4 \u03b4
&epsilon; ε &#949; greek small letter epsilon u+03B5 ISOgrk3 \03b5 \u03b5
&zeta; ζ &#950; greek small letter zeta u+03B6 ISOgrk3 \03b6 \u03b6
&eta; η &#951; greek small letter eta u+03B7 ISOgrk3 \03b7 \u03b7
&theta; θ &#952; greek small letter theta u+03B8 ISOgrk3 \03b8 \u03b8
&iota; ι &#953; greek small letter iota u+03B9 ISOgrk3 \03b9 \u03b9
&kappa; κ &#954; greek small letter kappa u+03BA ISOgrk3 \03ba \u03ba
&lambda; λ &#955; greek small letter lambda u+03BB ISOgrk3 \03bb \u03bb
&mu; μ &#956; greek small letter mu u+03BC ISOgrk3 \03bc \u03bc
&nu; ν &#957; greek small letter nu u+03BD ISOgrk3 \03bd \u03bd
&xi; ξ &#958; greek small letter xi u+03BE ISOgrk3 \03be \u03be
&omicron; ο &#959; greek small letter omicron u+03BF NEW \03bf \u03bf
&pi; π &#960; greek small letter pi u+03C0 ISOgrk3 \03c0 \u03c0
&rho; ρ &#961; greek small letter rho u+03C1 ISOgrk3 \03c1 \u03c1
&sigmaf; ς &#962; greek small letter final sigma u+03C2 ISOgrk3 \03C2 \u03c2
&sigma; σ &#963; greek small letter sigma u+03C3 ISOgrk3 \03C3 \u03c3
&tau; τ &#964; greek small letter tau u+03C4 ISOgrk3 \03C4 \u03c4
&upsilon; υ &#965; greek small letter upsilon u+03C5 ISOgrk3 \03C5 \u03c5
&phi; φ &#966; greek small letter phi u+03C6 ISOgrk3 \03C6 \03c6
&chi; χ &#967; greek small letter chi u+03C7 ISOgrk3 \03C7 \u03c7
&psi; ψ &#968; greek small letter psi u+03C8 ISOgrk3 \03C8 \u03c8
&omega; ω &#969; greek small letter omega u+03C9 ISOgrk3 \03C9 \u03c9
&thetasym; ϑ &#977; greek small letter theta symbol u+03D1 NEW \03D1 \u03D1
&upsih; ϒ &#978; greek upsilon with hook symbol u+03D2 NEW \03D2 \u03D2
&piv; ϖ &#982; greek pi symbol u+03D6 ISOgrk3 \03D6 \u03D6


HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal)
&ensp; &#8194; en space u+2002 ISOpub \2002 \u2002
&emsp; &#8195; em space u+2003 ISOpub \2003 \u2003
&thinsp; &#8201; thin space u+2009 ISOpub \2009 \u2009
&zwnj; &#8204; zero width non-joiner u+200C NEW RFC 2070 \200C \u200C
&zwj; &#8205; zero width joiner u+200D NEW RFC 2070 \200D \u200d
&lrm; &#8206; left-to-right mark u+200E NEW RFC 2070 \200E \u200e
&rlm; &#8207; right-to-left mark u+200F NEW RFC 2070 \200F \u200f
&ndash; &#8211; en dash u+2013 ISOpub \2013 \u2013
&mdash; &#8212; em dash u+2014 ISOpub \2014 \u2014
&lsquo; &#8216; left single quotation mark u+2018 ISOnum \2018 \u2018
&rsquo; &#8217; right single quotation mark u+2019 ISOnum \2019 \u2019
&sbquo; &#8218; single low-9 quotation mark u+201A NEW \201A \u201a
&ldquo; &#8220; left double quotation mark u+201C ISOnum \201C \u201c
&rdquo; &#8221; right double quotation mark u+201D ISOnum \201D \u201d
&bdquo; &#8222; double low-9 quotation mark u+201E NEW \201E \u201e
&dagger; &#8224; dagger u+2020 ISOpub \2020 \u2020
&Dagger; &#8225; double dagger u+2021 ISOpub \2021 \u2021
&permil; &#8240; per mille sign u+2030 ISOtech \2030 \u2030
&lsaquo; &#8249; single left-pointing angle quotation mark u+2039 ISO proposed \2039 \u2039
&rsaquo; &#8250; single right-pointing angle quotation mark u+203A ISO proposed \203A \u203a
&bull; &#8226; bullet, a.k.a. black small circle
bullet is NOT the same as bullet operator — u+2219
u+2022 ISOpub \2022 \u2219
&hellip; &#8230; horizontal ellipsis, a.k.a. three dot leader u+2026 ISOpub \2026 \u2026
&prime; &#8242; prime, a.k.a. minutes, a.k.a. feet u+2032 ISOtech \2032 \u2032
&Prime; &#8243; double prime, a.k.a. seconds, a.k.a. inches u+2033 ISOtech \2033 \u2033
&oline; &#8254; overline, a.k.a. spacing overscore u+203E NEW \203E \u203e
&frasl; &#8260; fraction slash u+2044 NEW \2044 \u8260


HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal)
&weierp; &#8472; script capital P, a.k.a. power set, a.k.a. Weierstrass p u+2118 ISOamso \2118 \u2118
&image; &#8465; blackletter capital I, a.k.a. imaginary part u+2111 ISOamso \2111 \u2111
&real; &#8476; blackletter capital R, a.k.a. real part symbol u+211C ISOamso \211C \u211c
&trade; &#8482; trade mark sign u+2122 ISOnum \2122 \u2122
&alefsym; &#8501; alef symbol u+2135 NEW \2135 \u
&larr; &#8592; leftwards arrow u+2190 ISOnum \2190 \u2190
&uarr; &#8593; upwards arrow u+2191 ISOnum \2191 \u2191
&rarr; &#8594; rightwards arrow u+2192 ISOnum \2192 \u2192
&darr; &#8595; downwards arrow u+2193 ISOnum \2193 \u2193
&harr; &#8596; left right arrow u+2194 ISOamsa \2194 \u2194
&crarr; &#8629; downwards arrow with corner leftwards, a.k.a. carriage return u+21B5 NEW \21B5 \u21b5
&lArr; &#8656; leftwards double arrow
can be used for ‘is implied by’
u+21D0 ISOtech \21D0 \u21d0
&uArr; &#8657; upwards double arrow u+21D1 ISOamsa \21D1 \u21d1
&rArr; &#8658; rightwards double arrow u+21D2 ISOtech \21D2 \u21d2
&dArr; &#8659; downwards double arrow u+21D3 ISOamsa \21D3 \ud1d3
&hArr; &#8660; left right double arrow u+21D4 ISOamsa \21D4 \u21d4
&#9668; black left pointing triangle U+25C0 \25C0 \u25c0
&#9658; black right pointing triangle u+25B6 \25b6 \u25b6
&#9650; black up pointing triangle u+25B2 \25b2 \25b2
&#9660; black down pointing triangle u+25BC \25bc \25bc


HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal)
&forall; &#8704; for all u+2200 ISOtech \2200 \u2200
&part; &#8706; partial differential u+2202 ISOtech \2202 \u2202
&exist; &#8707; there exists u+2203 ISOtech \2203 \u2203
&empty; &#8709; empty set, a.k.a. null set, a.k.a. diameter u+2205 ISOamso \2205 \u2205
&nabla; &#8711; nabla, a.k.a. backward difference u+2207 ISOtech \2207 \u2207
&isin; &#8712; element of u+2208 ISOtech \2208 \u2208
&notin; &#8713; not an element of u+2209 ISOtech \2209 \u2209
&ni; &#8715; contains as member u+220B ISOtech \220B \u220b
&prod; &#8719; n-ary product, a.k.a. product sign u+220F ISOamsb \220F \u03a0
&sum; &#8721; n-ary sumation u+2211 ISOamsb \2211 \u03a3
&minus; &#8722; minus sign u+2212 ISOtech \2212 \u2212
&lowast; &#8727; asterisk operator u+2217 ISOtech \2217 \u2217
&radic; &#8730; square root, a.k.a. radical sign u+221A ISOtech \221A \u221a
&prop; &#8733; proportional to u+221D ISOtech \221D \u221d
&infin; &#8734; infinity u+221E ISOtech \221E \u221e
&ang; &#8736; angle u+2220 ISOamso \2220 \u2220
&and; &#8869; logical and, a.k.a. wedge u+2227 ISOtech \2227 \u2227
&or; &#8870; logical or, a.k.a. vee u+2228 ISOtech \2228 \u2228
&cap; &#8745; intersection, a.k.a. cap u+2229 ISOtech \2229 \u2229
&cup; &#8746; union, a.k.a. cup u+222A ISOtech \222A \u222a
&int; &#8747; integral u+222B ISOtech \222B \u222b
&there4; &#8756; therefore u+2234 ISOtech \2234 \u2234
&sim; &#8764; tilde u+223C ISOtech \223C \u223c
&cong; &#8773; approximately equal to u+2245 ISOtech \2245 \u2245
&asymp; &#8776; almost equal to, a.k.a. asymptotic to u+2248 ISOamsr \2248 \u2248
&ne; &#8800; not equal to u+2260 ISOtech \2260 \u2260
&equiv; &#8801; identical to u+2261 ISOtech \2261 \u2261
&le; &#8804; less-than or equal to u+2264 ISOtech \2264 \u2264
&ge; &#8805; greater-than or equal to u+2265 ISOtech \2265 \u2265
&sub; &#8834; subset of u+2282 ISOtech \2282 \u2282
&sup; &#8835; superset of u+2283 ISOtech \2283 \u2283
&nsub; &#8836; not a subset of u+2284 ISOamsn \2284 \u2284
&sube; &#8838; subset of or equal to u+2286 ISOtech \2286 \u2286
&supe; &#8839; superset of or equal to u+2287 ISOtech \2287 \u2287
&oplus; &#8853; circled plus, a.k.a. direct sum u+2295 ISOamsb \2295 \u2295
&otimes; &#8855; circled times, a.k.a. vector product u+2297 ISOamsb \2297 \u2297
&perp; &#8869; up tack u+22A5 ISOtech \22A5 \u22a5
&sdot; &#8901; dot operator u+22C5 ISOamsb \22C5 \u22c5


HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal)
&lceil; &#8968; left ceiling, a.k.a. apl upstile u+2308 ISOamsc \2308 \u2308
&rceil; &#8969; right ceiling u+2309 ISOamsc \2309 \u2309
&lfloor; &#8970; left floor, a.k.a. apl downstile u+230A ISOamsc \230A \u230a
&rfloor; &#8971; right floor u+230B ISOamsc \230B \u230b
&lang; &#9001; left-pointing angle bracket u+2329 ISOtech \2329 \u2329
&rang; &#9002; right-pointing angle bracket u+232A ISOtech \232A \u232a


HTML Symbol Numeric Description Hex CSS (ISO) JS (Octal)
&loz; &#9674; lozenge u+25CA ISOpub \25CA \u25ca
&spades; &#9824; black spade suit u+2660 ISOpub \2660 \u2660
&clubs; &#9827; black club suit, a.k.a. shamrock u+2663 ISOpub \2663 \u2663
&hearts; &#9829; black heart suit, a.k.a. valentine u+2665 ISOpub \2665 \u2665
&diams; &#9830; black diamond suit u+2666 ISOpub \2666 \u2666



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