WordPress Tutorial for the absolute Beginner

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WOrdPress tutorial for beginners level
WordPress Video tutorial for beginners

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This WordPress tutorial is intended for complete beginners. In this 2 hour video course you will learn how to use WordPress.

WordPress is also referred to as WP.

If you are sure you are ready to learn how to use WordPress, go ahead and watch this course. The link is below.

WordPress is the most used solution for building websites today.

The following list shows you why you should learn WordPress :

  • WordPress is free to use for everyone and anyone
  • WP hosting is affordable and easily available to anyone and everyone
  • Lots of Themes and plugins exist which can help you in building any kind of Website or Web Application
  • The community is extremely large. You will always get help whenever you run into any issues on your site.
  • There is a large number of demand for WordPress solutions, starting with web design , maintenance and so much more
  • WP is so easy to learn. And there are so many tutorials all around the web.
  • WP can help you test your business idea really fast. After getting affordable hosting and domain. You can build your site and market your idea with very minimal initial startup costs.
  • WP sites are easy to maintain and update once you learn it.
  • WP is easy friendly. And can be easily optimized for search Engines .
  • You can use your knowledge to make money by providing WP web design services.

There are a lot of reasons why you should learn WordPress . Above are the few I could think of right now.  If you can think of any good reasons , you can add your comment in the comment section below.

Throughout this course if you need any help with WordPress I will help you.

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WordPress Tutorial for beginners

About WordPress

WordPress is used for building Websites.

List of Benefits of WordPress as a CMS

  1. Free

WordPress, commonly referred to as WP, is a free open source CMS .

Since it is free you can use it for building anything you want. What you build can be commercial or free.

  1. Superpowers of Themes and Plugins

WordPress has lots of Themes and plugins which you may choose from. These plugins and themes will enable you to add features and functionality to your website. Your website could turn into anything you want it to.

  1. SEO Friendly

WP has lots of SEO plugins which you may utilize in improving your site, pretty fast. Your post content gets indexed by default. Post links can be made Search Engine Friendly by changing settings. Generally, Word Press is  Search Engine Friendly by default.

  1. Easy to Maintain and update

Updating WordPress is as easy as clicking a button. Literally.

Updating Themes and plugins is also as easy as that. Except for a few premium themes and plugins which would require you to re-upload the  files.

WP is very easy to maintain. Things like adding new pages, posts, images and any other content, is also very easy to do.

  1. So Easy to learn and very User Friendly to new users

There must be a reason why Millions of  people use WordPress. They found it easy to learn. Installed it . Tried it out. And loved how easy it was to use.

  1. Cheap / Affordable / Ubiquitous to Host

Any shared hosting will be able to host your WP Website. Any hosting company should be able to host your WordPress site. With that said, make sure you do your own hosting research to find the best option for your website.

  1. Easy to get up and running on any Web Host

Most Web hosts will boast of , One-Click install . This basically means that installing it is easy.

  1. Mobile Friendly Websites

If a WordPress theme is not Responsive, do not use it.  There are also plugins that will render a Mobile Version for your website. Nearly all themes are Responsive now.

Your site will be mobile Friendly.

  1. Posts Scheduling

One of my favorite features. You can write your posts in advance and then schedule them to be published later.  This is very handy when you are going for a vacation and you don’t want your site to be idle while you are away.

  1. Very easy Social Networks Integration

There are lots of alternatives for adding your social Media accounts on your website.  There are also alternatives that will enable you to automatically share your posts to social Media.

So, integrating your Website with Social Media is pretty easy to achieve.

  1. Use any multimedia type

WordPress supports different kinds of Media. I mean you can just post a video or audio . And if you visit the page you will find it embedded on your page with a media player.

You can add Images on your posts. WP supports different types of Media.

  1. RSS and Syndication by default

For those that love to stay updated using RSS and feeds. Word Press supports these by default. So if someone subscribes to your feed, they’ll know every time you posts something on your Website.

  1. Accessible on any device

WordPess works online, hence your website will be accessible on any device that has internet connectivity. There is also a Mobile App and a Desktop App to enable you manage your Website conveniently.

  1. Host your own or let them host it for you

You can choose to purchase hosting and install WordPress on any Web Host. Or if you prefer, you may decide to create your site on WordPress.com.

List of Benefits of learning WordPress

  1. Save Costs
  2. Make Money
  3. Control your Growth Potential
  4. Personal Branding
  5. Blog as much as you wish
  6. Delegate Easily

Type of course

This WordPress course is a video course. You will learn by seeing and also doing.

Ease of Course

Learning WordPress is easy. Videos are divided into short segments. With each section covering something in WordPress. All the knowledge is compiled and will progressively teach you how to use WordPress.

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WordPress course for Beginners - Video course

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