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Free Shopify Tutorial for beginners

Check out my Free Shopify Tutorial for beginners on Udemy. This course is free to watch on Udemy. This course will show you how to create an online store on

You will learn how to use Shopify as a complete beginner. Join this free Shopify Tutorial here .

The Course Content As Seen on Udemy :

Here is the course curriculum for this free Shopify Course.

  1. Introduction – Shopify Tutorial for beginners : A brief intro to the tutorial.
  2. Create your store account : Create your 14 day Free trial in order to follow along.
  3. Create a Shopify Store Account : A step by step guide for creating a brand new store with all your online store’s information.
  4. Admin Dashboard Area overview : Are you new to Shopify, here is a tour of the Admin Dashboard.
  5. How to preview Shopify store: How to preview your store as you work on it.
  6. How to add products Shopify : Start building up your online store by adding actual products for your customers.
  7. How to create collections : How to clearly and correctly categorize your products.
  8. Creating product variants : Do you sell different colors , sizes or brands ? Here is how to create the different variants for your products.
  9. How to crop images and bulk edit variations : Once your upload your product images you can edit them as needed.
  10. Duplicate a product : Create a product from an existing product.
  11. Working with Shopify Themes : You will start learning about themes. This is an important tutorial for anyone new to Shopify.
  12. Overview of how to customize your store : This is a quick guidance on how to change your online store’s appearance.
  13. Designing store – part 1 : Start designing the home page for your visitors. Add the most basic but important features for the front-end of your store.
  14. Designing store – part 2 : Continue de3signing the pages.
  15. Create other Pages : How to create the ever so necessary Legal pages and other pages such as About , Contact us and so on.
  16. Working with the navigation : Give your website visitors an easy way to navigate your website. You will learn to create menus and dropdown menus in this single video.
  17. Setting up Shopify Payments overview : A general overview for setting up Payments.
  18. Next videos

Join this free Shopify Tutorial here on Udemy .

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