An Agnostic’s Prayer

Last updated on December 31st, 2017 at 09:05 pm

When we were young we weren’t stupid

When we were young daily we believed

Daily we thanked

Frequently in a week we prayed

Sunday or Saturday we went to church and we prayed

Sunday school we attended but

Did we understand?


Then we grew older

Educated we became

We learned of Science

And science never failed to question

Science taught us to question

We started to question

We questioned until we stopped believing but

Did we lose faith?


Now we say we don’t believe

We saw the evil but never defended the weak

We say we couldn’t do much

We say it was beyond our control

We say the Tsunami came out of nowhere

We say the earthquake and

The hurricane did not warn us early enough but

Were we blind to the hunger?


Perhaps it was beyond our control was

The excuses we learned through science and education

We can’t say the name

We are too proud

We have made it public that we do not believe

At times we question

Secretly we say something close to a prayer

We even swear in the name of the one we do not believe in

We are uncertain enough but

Are we different?

I sow the Agnostic’s prayer and you reap the agnostic reality.



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