How To Create Shopify Free Store with Max 50 orders – Free Shopify trial until 50 orders [Video]

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Watch the video above to learn how to create a Shopify Free Store with Maximum 50 orders – Free Shopify trial until 50 orders.

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Video Transcript

How To Create Free Shopify trial until 50 orders

Hi and welcome to this video. In this video I’m going to show you how you can create, the famous free Shopify store, with 50 Maximum orders. Note that this is not the 14 day trial, this will give you 50 free maximum orders.

So, just in brief, to achieve this, you are going to need to be a Shopify partner. If you go to , you can sign-up as a partner. And once you sign up as a partner you’ll be able to create a store. And the store that you create through your partner account will give you 50 maximum orders. And it doesn’t have atrial period, you can use it for as long as you need to, and it will give you the 50 Maximum orders.

So , that’s the brief. So what we are going to learn in this video:

First we are going to sign up

And then we are going to create the store in the partner account

And then I’m also going to show you how you can transfer the store

Maybe you want to transfer it to someone else. You’ll see how to do that.

So let’s get started. First off, go to .

And once you get here, put in your email address to sign up for the partner program. Once you put in your email address and click on join, you can fill in your account details right here. And when you’re done, click on Create Account.

So I’m going to pause and I’m going to fill in all these details and then I’ll see you in the next step.

There we goo, I’m already signed up. In the last step if you had problems creating your password, in the last step if you had a problem with your password or you are still having problems with your password , use special characters, alphanumeric , that is a combination of numbers and letters and you’ll have a strong password that way. Your partner account, there we go.

Go to your email address and there is a confirmation there that you will need to do. Just confirm your email address right away so that you don’t have to deal with it later on. Just go to your email . The email that you’ve used for signing up. Go and confirm your email address.

I’m here, I will just confirm email. Once you confirm the email just click on, lets go to Shopify Partners. You can go to all these other places but we are interested in Shopify partners. And it’s going to bring us back to the same page where we were .

Here, let’s just create a new partner account. And give the account information. You can just give in your details here. Go ahead and fill in all this information . Also note that you can also change some of these details later on.

Business name, and I’ll just call it Ricky W. your address, let me just fill in these, business goals, building apps, building… let me just choose that for the sake of it.

I will choose no…

And then which ecommerce platforms have you worked with ? For this it doesn’t really matter, I’m going to choose this. I can even choose that .

And I will choose I have read and agreed to the partner program agreement and then Ill click to view my dashboard.

This is is your Shopify partners dashboard. Here you have all the tools you will need, to do various things, so as a partner you can become an affiliate. Click there to look at the affiliate program. You can also look at the referral program. And you can create stores.

And her on your dashboard you can go ahead and click to create a store. The settings you made you can also go here and change them under settings.

You can also add team members maybe you have other people you want to add, other email addresses you want to add here, you can add Team members into your Shopify partners’ account. But , of course , we are only interested in stores, so let’s click on stores and see what we have.

If you create many stores, they will be listed here.

For the first one , let’s just create a store and I’ll click there , Add a Store to create our first store.

Here under stores, you two different types of stores, you have development stores, a development store is the one we are going to create. This is the one that is going to give you the capability to have 50 maximum orders.

A managed store, this is one whereby you are going to manage the store , maybe you are a designer and you’ll be helping someone build or maintain their store. This is that option , if that what you do, if you are a freelancer.

For us we are going to choose, Development store. And once you choose development store, you can give the store a name and I’ll call this , sample Ricky . So , the store name is that and the store URL is this. And this is the one you can go to, this . You are going to see the link later on.

Your store URL will be the same as your store name, so name your store according to what you want for your URL and vise versa . And if you go to you are going to visit your website. You are going to see that later on.

And then you need to add your details here. You will need to add the password and the email address that you want to use for this store. You can see you ca even use a different email address from your partner account if you want to . Then create a new password for the store, confirm the new password. And just leave this one unchecked.

You can change the address details for the business. Then what is your purpose for the store? You can build a new store for a client. You could be testing an app or a theme or I’m just playing around. As for any of these it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. I’m going to choose, I’m just playing around. You’ll still get all the features that you need. And then Ill click and save.

There you are, your store is created. And you can add your products, you can do anything with your store right now . This is just the same store like the one used by people who’ve just sign up directly using the Shopify free trial.

If you want to log into your store, make sure you remember your link. You can save this link , just save this link. Go to your browser, then you can copy this link and save it somewhere because every time you’ll want to log in, you can easily log in using this link.

If you have this link, logging in is very easy. Put this in your browser, then , put in your email address and your password. And you can test that out, let’s just open a new browser , and I will go into that. And you see, you can log in. Put in your email address and then you are going to enter your password.

If you can remember the name of your store, you can also log in by going to . So the first thing you are going to need to do is to enter your Shopify link . You see, you still need to know your link for you to log in here.

Okay. Let’s go back to our store here. How can you get back to your store if you are in your partners Account? Let’s see how you can come here into your store, if you are in your partners account.

I will open a new tab and let me just go to . When you get here, you can just click to log in. And now you are in your partner’s account. If you want to go to your stores, you can just go here under stores. And you’ll see that we have one store. And you can create even more stores.

If you click there you can add a store and you know you can two types of stores. You can a managed store or a development store. This is a development store . And if you want to log into this store you can just click here to log into the store. And you see if I click it, it just automatically logs me into the store.

So just click on login and you will be able to log into the store from your Shopify partners account.

And if you want to transfer this store, you can just click here, Transfer Ownership . If you transferring the store, you see here, you can also add a 90 day trial for whomever you are transferring the store to. Once they get the store they can use for 90 days and they will not be charged.

Here, also read this to know what it’s about. So you can see I don’t have any account, but if I click here, I can add a staff account to transfer the store to. Before you can transfer this store make sure add them as a staff member.

The person that you are transferring to, add them as a staff member. If they are your client or whoever they are, just add them as a staff member. Just click here, add a staff member and you will be taken to a new tab where you can the new staff member and the new staff member is going to be the new owner of this.

First name, put in their email address. And then they are going to receive an email and then they are going to choose a plan once you create the staff. So you only task here is to create a staff member . Once you create a staff member with Fist Name, Last Name , you will come here and you can choose the staff member from here. And after that, just click on transfer store . I hope you get it, it’s something that you can do very fast.

Let’s click here to go to our stores. And let’s log in.

If you want to edit your store, just come here under online store and you can edit how your store looks. This is where you are going to edit the store, the theme , all that you can do here.

If you want to add products ,you’ll need to add your products here. But, the actual design of your store, you can do that here.

Just click on Online store, and then you can design pages, you can add blog posts , you can change the theme. If you cone here you can choose a different theme and so much more. If you know how to work with Shopify then this is a very easy step for you.

If you don’t. There are lots of tutorials you can find on how to create your online store . But the bigger part was how to get a trial with 50 Orders. And that’s how you get it, you create a development store using your Shopify partners Account.

So that’s it for this video. In this video you’ve seen how you can setup your Shopify partners account and then create an online Shopify store that will give you 50 maximum orders for free. And you’ve also seen how you can transfer the store.

Just go to your Shopify partners account, click on stores, and then you’ll see Transfer ownership . That’s it for this video. I hope it helps you to create your store and sell at-least 50 products before you can upgrade .

So, just remember the link of your store is very important. That slash, then to log in, you go to, the link slash admin. Just make sure you copy that and then you save it somewhere , so that you can use it for logging in every time you want to log into your Shopify store.

So that’s it for this video, I will see you in another video next time.

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