Mailchimp Tutorial 2021 – How To Use Mailchimp | For Beginners

Last updated on February 7th, 2021 at 11:07 pm.

Mailchimp Tutorial 2021 – How to use Mailchimp | For beginners – Part 1

In this first part , we’ll look at how to use the following in Mailchimp:

  • How to signup
  • Import Audience / Subscribers
  • Working with Tags
  • Creating segments
  • Working with Sign-up forms – Form Builder Tutorial
  • Embedding forms on a website
  • Working with subscriber popup forms

Watch the video above to learn how to use Mailchimp for your basic email Marketing endeavors.

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How to Sign Up

First you will need to sign up.

  • Head over to Click on Sign Up Free .
  • Then enter a unique username, email and a strong password.
  • Then log into your email to activate your new account.
  • Next you will need to choose a plan. You can start with the forever free plan which will give you enough features to get started with Email Marketing.
  • Next enter your account and business details; Your first and Last name, business name, website and so on.
  • Add you physical address details.
  • Choose whether you already have a List of subscribers or not.
  • You can skip the next setup questions.
  • Finally, choose the emails you would like to receive from Mailchimp; such as product updates, e-commerce tips et.c .
  • After all this you will be taken to your Mailchimp Admin Dashboard.
Mailchimp Dashboard tutorial by bizanosa

Import Audience / Subscribers

Once you create a new Mail-chimp account, you will need to either import your subscribers or grow your list.

You can grow your list using the Mailchimp Landing page feature and Sign-up forms.

You may import a file or add subscribers manually, one at a time.

How to add subscribers manually, one at a time.

  • Log into your account. On the Admin dashboard icons, click on Audience.
  • If you only have one audience list, then click on All Contacts, otherwise, click on Audience dashboard in order to choose the correct Audience to add a subscriber to.
  • Then click on Add Contacts , and then click on Add a subscriber. Enter the Subscriber’s email address and all other info. Then finally click on the Subscribe button.
How to add subscribers manually - Mailchimp tutorial 2021

How to import subscribers

To import your contacts, watch this section of the video for a thorough explanation. Video timeline : 13:30 .

  • Go to Audience > All Contacts > Add Contacts > Import Contacts .
  • Then upload the CSV file or text file with your subscribers.
  • Next, choose the status of the contacts you are importing. Are they subscribed or unsubscribed.
  • Then choose a tag or create a new tag for the contacts. You can ignore adding tags.
  • The next step is the important step where you have to match the fields. If a field does not exist, create a new field. Example of fields are Email , first name, last name , website et.c . if a field does not exist in Mailchimp you can create it by choosing create new field.
  • Click the finalize button to finish importing. You can exit the import by clicking on the exit button.

Watch the YouTube video above to learn how to use Mailchimp as a beginner. Video Title : Mailchimp Tutorial 2021 .

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