Change XBox Game Bar Captures Location [Video]

Last updated on April 25th, 2022 at 08:13 pm.

Change XBox Game Bar Capture Location - Change Recording Save Location

Yes you can change where your Xbox game bar recordings are saved. Watch the short video above to see how.

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Video Captions :

Hi and welcome to this video.
In this video let’s see how you can change the capture location for your Xbox game bar. If you want to change the location where the screenshots and the video recordings are stored, then this video is for you.

I’m on Windows 10 and I can just come here under start . And then I will search for gaming. Please note that I’m searching for gaming not game.
And then I can click on Captures settings . On the capture settings, you can see mine is already changed.

I’m just going to click here on open folder. And I will go back.
And if you want to change the location, it is as easy as just coming here and then you’ll cut and then you take it wherever you want it.
I’m going to take this here and I’m going to put it here. And I can paste it. I can even put it inside of this folder.

And then once I do that, if I come back here , and open the folder, you are going to see it takes me to the location where I’ve added it.
So it’s just that easy. Just cut it and place it wherever you want it. That’s it for this video, I hope it helps you change the location for your Xbox game bar captures.

If you use Nvidia in-game overlay / Shadowplay, here is how to change the Nvidia In – game overlay recording saves location.

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