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Last updated on November 15th, 2021 at 04:42 am.

How To Install Alexa Browser Extension

The Alexa browser extension tells the site rank of websites. To install the toolbar visit the Alexa extension web page and download it for Chrome or Firefox.

Video Captions

This is a quick video that will show you how to install the Alexa site rank toolbar. So this is what I’m talking about. If you want to install this extension on your browser, just go to your browser. And for me let me try to install it on Microsoft Edge.

I will go to . You can see it’s not available for Edge. But if you use Chrome or Firefox, if you go to, it’s going to get installed. Let’s go to the same link on Firefox ( even though it’s already installed).

If you go to on your chrome browser or the Firefox browser, you can install the Alexa browser extension. Just click install browser extension. It’s going to download it and then continue installation, click on add, and that’s going to install it on your Firefox browser. You can also do the same on Chrome.

It currently only works on chrome or Firefox. So that’s it for this video. I hope it helps you to install the Alexa browser extension.

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