Digital Ocean Video Tutorial

Watch the video above to learn how to use Digital Ocean.

This is a Digital Ocean Tutorial for beginners. Watch this Digital Ocean Video tutorial if you want to learn how to use their cloud platform.

Learn how to use the Customer portal, deploy servers and so much more . this video will help you find your way around the customer dashboard,

The various sections of this YouTube video guide are below :

1 Pricing : 00:00:14

Let us take a look at the different pricing plans available for the different products.

2 Dashboard Overview begins : 02:03 Let us begin looking at the Customer Portal.

3 What is a project : 02:19 Let us talk about projects and what they are, as pertains to DigitalOcean.

4 What is a Droplet : 03:28 Learn more about droplets, what they are. How to deploy the different types of droplets and all the options available on the dashboard.

5 Kubernetes Digital Ocean : 14:10 You can create and manage your kubernetes containers on Digital Ocen starting at $10 P.M.

6 Volumes : 14:46 Jump to this section if you want to learn more about volumes on DO.Volumes. What are they and how to you setup one .

7 Managed Databases : 15:06 You can create MYSQL, Redis and PostgreSQL databases without having to worry about setting up the server on your own.

8 Spaces : 15:53 learn more about Storage spaces for static content.

9 Images / ISO/ Snapshots / Backup : 16:20 You can start your server from an image you have uploaded to your dashboard. You can slo backup your server or set up snapshot of your server.

10 Networking : 17:47 You can definitely use Digitl Ocean for your DNS records. Watch this section to learn more about it.

11 Monitoring : 19:41 Setup email alerts for various Server elements. If your CPU surpasses a certain load, setup an email notification. Learn more about monitoring your server .

12 Marketplace applications : 21:04 These are one click server deployments that you can do. Just search and choose the correct item you want to install via Digital Ocean Market place one click install deployment.

13 More Settings and Winding up this DigitalOcean Tutorial for beginners : 22:10 Additional settings and finishing up this DO Tutorial. More about two factor authentication, customer referrals , pausing and destroying droplets.

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