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This page lists all  courses created by Ricky Wahowa. These courses are available on My Udemy profile and SkillShare profile  .

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1. WordPress for beginners

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2. From zero to Hero in MailChimp

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3. How to Create a WordPress  Blog

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4.What is HTML ?

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5. HTML and CSS Tutorial for complete Beginners

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6. Capturing Leads with MailMUNCH

Capture Leads with MailMunch


7. Introduction to Programming

Intro to Programming


8. Javascript From Scratch

Javascript From Scratch


9. Complete GetResponse Tutorial for Marketing

The Full GetResponse Tutorial


10 Learn HTML, CSS, Intro to Programming and Javascript (Only available on Udemy)



11 Free Bluehost Tutorial



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1.  WordPress course for beginners:

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2.  MailChimp for beginners :

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3. Create a Video Blog Step by Step :

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4. What is HTML and some CSS

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5. What is CSS

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6. Using MailMUNCH to capture Leads

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7. Intro to programming

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8. JS From Scratch

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9. Complete GetResponse Tutorial for Marketing

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10. Learn Web Design By Building a Web Page – HTML and CSS project

(Only available on Skillshare)

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11.Free Bluehost Tutorial

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All future courses for Bizanosa will be linked on this page via their official coupons.

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More information

This page lists all courses from . if you search for bizanosa Coupons, this page should  show up for you among the results.

Why call the page “Coupons page” ?

The word Coupons is inherent in the Udemy Marketing Universe . Here is how it happened for me. I started on YouTube . Then I went to Udemy . And the other platforms followed. An example is Skillshare .


So when I created this page I had Udemy in mind. the idea was that this would be the place where all my past and future students would come and get coupons for all my Video courses. Some  platforms did not have the coupons thing. But still,  I decided to maintain this page. And will continue to add all future courses here.


For consistency reasons and backward Compatibility reasons I will keep referring to this page as “Bizanosa Coupons ” page . And the link will continue to remain on the main menu .

For any questions feel free to contact me on FACEBOOK .