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How to Create WordPress Video Blog - For Youtuber and Vimeo Creators

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Have you ever wanted to build your own video blogging website? Video blogging entails different parts. First you have to create the videos. Then you have to edit the videos. Sometimes editing is not even necessary. After creating and editing, you will choose a channel for distributing your videos. In this article I gave a list of resources for getting started in Video Blogging.

After distributing your videos in one of the channels such as YouTube or Vimeo. The next thing is embedding those Vimeo /YouTube videos on your own website. As I advised in the article linked to above, you should never upload videos to your WordPress Website. Always use other channels to distribute the videos and then embed them on your website.

Video Detours

Once in a while I usually take detours and create videos unrelated to WordPress and Web Dev/design. So recently I decided that I want to have these videos embedded on a website. At first I wanted to create a WP Post Type to add these videos on Bizanosa.com .

I thought about the post types I have created in the past and never even used. And I also did not want to contaminate the mood of Bizanosa. Which I am currently positioning as a home for Web related Tutorials and Web Technologies.

So, I decided against creating a WordPress Post Type for my video posts.

Bizanosa Tips

I decided to  create another blog. A completely new WordPress installation where I could embed my YouTube and Vimeo videos. On this blog I could add any videos that I wanted. As long as they were teaching something I liked, I could add them on the blog. It was going to be a video blog.

This new WordPress Blog was going to be video intensive. I was not interested in using a plugin. Most plugins would require me to use shortcodes on my post to embed videos. And I did not want that. I called it Bizanosa Tips.

The simple Video Blog took me on a journey

All I wanted was:

  • to be able to copy my video URL from the browser,
  • come back to my website and paste that link into my WordPress editor.
  • and the video to show up nicely after that .

And that’s all I would need to do to embed videos. And I expected this to work for videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

I began searching for a theme that was able to  do this. The theme was to be very responsive. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a full WordPress Video Theme. It was to be a simple video blog. With a responsive theme. A theme that was responsive for videos too.

I have been to websites where I could not watch embedded videos because they didn’t fit right on the page. I didn’t want anything like this. I wanted a simple, responsive video intensive theme.

It took me a while to try a couple of themes. Installed them on a live test website. Viewed them on my phone. And on different browsers.

I even tried some premium themes. A majority required the use of shortcodes to embed their responsive player. That only meant that I would have to be stuck with a that theme .

What do I mean?

Can you imagine, switching from that theme?

I would have to go through over 50 video posts , manually re-editing each post so that they can work on the new theme. Have you ever been there? It sucks. And it’s tedious!

That is exactly why I did not want a Plugin or a theme that needed me to use shortcodes for it to work .

Well I finally found a free WordPress theme. It wasn’t and isn’t the most beautiful WordPress theme in the world. But I fell in love with it.

I loved it so much, that after using it to create tips. And after editing all the videos, I removed the beautiful theme I was using on Bizanosa.com . Edited the Child Theme even more and made it my official theme on Bizanosa. My website was more beautiful than it is now . But I don’t care . I love the theme’s functionality.

Documented all the steps

As I created the tips video website, I recorded the entire process. I even recorded a video  of over 30 minutes , of me not doing anything fancy, but just creating posts. Everything was documented in this Tutorial on how to create a WordPress Video Blog.

For the next few weeks I will be adding some videos from the full video series. If you want to watch the full video tutorials . You can watch it here or even here.

Till next time.


I am still transcribing the videos. If you can help me transcribe some videos, I will send you the full 2Gb compressed file with all the videos and the resource files. For that, reach me on Facebook.

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