Squarespace Blog Tutorial Series – How to create a blog with Squarespace

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#1 Intro to Blogging with Squarespace - Squarespace Blog Tutorial Series

How to create a blog with Squarespace – Squarespace Blog Tutorial Series

About this Squarespace Blog Tutorial Series

This is the first video in this Squarespace blog Tutorial series. Use the Playlist link below to watch these videos continuously. On the YouTube playlist page, click on Play all in order to watch the videos consecutively.

Blogging with SquarespaceHow to Build a Blog on Squarespace PLAYLIST .

This is a free tutorial that will show you how to create your blog using Squarespce. You will learn everything from start to finish. By the end you will have enough confidence to create your Website.


Introduction to Squarespace Video : https://youtu.be/rlIbf6KST0c

Squarespace for blogging

As a Website Builder for creating different types of personal, professional and eCommerce websites, Squarespce can be used for blogging as well.

This free tutorial series will show you :

  • An introduction – Signing up on squarespace.com and how to use the Admin dashboard.
  • how to create a new Free Trial Website,
  • how to create a blog index page (the blog home page),
  • how to create blog posts , edit and publish them.
  • blogging settings such as categories, tags, thumbnails etc ,
  • SEO settings for pages and posts,
  • how to design a home page,

Squarespace as a Blogging Platfrom

Is squarespace good for blogging?

If you are a beginner who does not want to deal with the hustles of Word Press, then Squarespace is definitely good for blogging. Most importantly you should ask yourself whether you’ll be able to afford at least $16 paid monthly or $12 monthly billed annually to host your website. This is the minimum price point for Sqspace on the personal plan.

If you find that price to be high, you can use The Hosted WordPress Platform on WordPress.com . The hosted WP is more affordable for all blogging needs. If you have the skills to build and manage your own hosting, then you should buy web hosting and run the free version of WordPress. The free version of WordPress can be easily installed on any Web Host today. This is what most people on a budget do.

Squarespace Blogging Tutorial Series

If you want free blogging platform alternatives, with various limitations. Then the Hosted WordPress Platform and Blogger are available to use for free. With these two options you will run your blog on a subdomain. You can however upgrade in future to get yourself a full domain

If you do not want to use WordPress, then Squarespace is great alternative for WordPress blogging. This is especially true for beginners in Web Design. As a photographer, Videographer , designer or creative with cool portfolio, sqrespace is good for blogging. It will give you all the features you need to run a cool looking blog.

Can you make money blogging on squarespace?

Yes. If you build your blog and you have a monetization strategy , then you can definitely make money.

It all depends on how you want to monetize your blog;

  • Affiliate Marketing – Are you promoting various products and taking a percentage?
  • Online store – Are you selling your own merchandiser?
  • Ads – Are you using ad networks to earn money?
  • Selling Ad space – did you niche down and become so popular that other businesses would pay to be promoted on your website?

Do you have any other monetization strategies in mind? It is entirely up to you. If you work hard and smart till your blog becomes popular, making money from your blog will definitely happen.

How do I blog on Squarespace?

Watch this Blogging video series to learn how to blog on Squarespce. This is the first video in my Squarespace blogging series tutorial. Watch this full series in the YouTube Blog Tutorial Playlist link above. The link is above. Click the button, then click on Play All to start watching.

Is Squarespace blog free?

Squarespce has never had a free plan. When you create a new website you will get a 14 day trial. This free trial is there to enable you design and build your website before you upgrade to a paid plan. To run a blog on Squarespace you can use the personal plan which is either $16 or $12 . The answer to , is sqrspace blog free, is no.

Squarespace blog layout

Learn how to work with the blog layout page. this series will cover EVERYTHING you need to learn about building a blog. And it is free to watch right on YouTube. You will learn a lot, including how to work with SEO for pages and posts. Watch all of the blogging tutorial videos in the playlist.

Squarespace blog page

The sqrespace blog page is the page where all you posts will be listed. It is the home page for all your posts. This is where your visitors will land when they click on the link to your blog.

In version 7.1 you can choose the design of your page to match your liking. There are options. To choose the blog page, create a new page then choose a collection type of blog. Then you can choose the design of the page. That’s about it. Once you choose the index page, all your posts will be listed on that page based on the design layout you chose.

Squarspace 7.1 blog

This Blog tutorial uses version 7.1. Follow along and learn how to create your site using the latest version of 7.1 . The link to watch the videos is above.

Alternative Blogging Software

Wix blog alternative

You can check out Wix too before making up your mind. You can create a free Wix blog and see what it feels like for you. It is also important to note that wix has a free plan for you. Create your blog in both platforms and decide which one you like more. I can bet you’d probably end up using Squarspce .

Which is the best blogging platform site?

The best blogging site is currently WordPress. However, if you want to explore, Squarespce gives you free 14 days trial, while the hosted wordpress will give you a free option. So, create a blog in both and decide which one you’d rather use.

Most bloggers use WordPress. You can buy hosting from Bluehost and install WordPress. Then design your blog.

You can also use the hosted version of WP on wordpress.com . With this version, just create an account and design your blog. There is a forver free plan which will give you a free subdomain under wordpress.com. Honestly, this is not ideal. So if you choose to use wp.com, then upgrade your account and use a domain. This will help you brand yourself better.

In my humble opinion, Word Press is the best blogging platform.

Why you shouldn’t use Square-space?

One, You shouldn’t use Squarespce if you want full control over your website. If you are an experienced web designer/developer who has run his or her website on your own web hosting, Squarespace will not be right for you. You will not get the access you are used to.

Two, You should not use squrspce if your are not ready to pay at least $12 monthly for your blog. Find other cheaper options like WordPress (either self hosted or the Online hosted platform)

Squarespace vs wordpress for blogging

Editing admin Dashboard for WordPress

If it was me, I would always chose WordPress over Squarespace. If you are a beginner with no web hosting or web design experience, Sqpce is the option for you.

If you love control. That is, if you want to be able to add and delete your files at your pleasure and with absolute easy, WordPress is your guy.

If you just want a website where you can edit your pages, posts and products without being bothered with the back-end stuff, Squarespce is your guy.

Squarespace vs WordPress SEO

You can optimize your posts and pages for Search Engines in both WordPress and Squarespace.

Word Press has an ecosystem of plugins which can help you do most SEO tasks and Analysis. Sqrespace does not have this ecosystem of plugins too. However you can use the sqspce settings to add SEO settings for posts and pages. One for WordPress here.

Squarespace is generally fast. It becomes slow because of your design decisions. Their hosting servers are fast. WordPress hosting depends on where you are hosting it, the themes and plugins you choose to use. This will affect your Search Engine ranking on a great scale.

SEO can be optimized on both platforms. WordPress websites usually rank higher because it is easier to create sitemaps and other resources necessary for ranking. They are also easier to add to analytics and search console using any option .

But still, Squarespace rank well if the owner takes time to create great content and optimize each page. You must put in the effort to add good SEO titles, descriptions and alt text for images and so on. It’s all just much easier to do on Word Ores but is doable on Squarespace as well. I did a video about SEO settings in the video series. Once you get to that video you will learn to optimize your pages and posts.

Blogging platforms

Here is a list of Blogging platforms other than Squarespace. These are blogging platform alternatives you can use:

  1. WordPress : I’ve spoken about WP up there a couple of times. There are two ways to go : Host your own WordPress or create an account on WordPress.com .
  2. Blogger : Free to use. Owned by Google. Buy a domain and upgrade to use your own domain name. Mostly just for blogging. If you intend to build a store on your Website some day, stick with Squarespce or WP.
  3. Wix : Arguably the biggest alternative to squarespce . Drag and drop website builder just as Squarespce. Has a free plan too.
  4. Weebly : In the same category as Wix, wp.com and Sqspce. Aslo has a free plan for websites with a .weebly domain.
  5. Tumblr : You know of tumblr. You can start blogging here too.
  6. Medium : This is a publishing platform. if you have things to say and share, start publishing them on Medium.
  7. Typepad : yeah. They are many. This is another one for blogging. Has been around for a very long time too.

There are many bloggin platform options and alternatives, I will not mention them all. You can check a quick list here .

About Squarspce Tutorials

You can easily learn Squarespac because it is very intuitive. The user experience is easy to understand. You do not need to be a programmer to learn how to build your website using this Web Builder, you can use the provided layouts and content blocks to create any kind of website you need.

There are lots of Squarespce tutorials on Udemy . There are also lots of Free Tutorials on YouTube as well. Some courses on Udemy are also Free. feel free to find the best tutorials/ courses for you.

How do I use – tutorial on squarespace?

You can create an account and get started learning immediately. Watch my Free tutorial which is linked to above. It is a free Tutorial on Youtube watchable on a Playlist. By learning how to create a Blog, you are essentially learning how to use Sqspce. You will therefore be confident enough to create any type of Website.

How do I use 2020 squarespace?

The 2020 Squarespce is version is 7.1 . This tutorial is fully done in version 7.1 . Watch this video series for Free on Youtube. By the end you will learn to use Sqspce and build your own Website.

How long does it take to build a website on squarespace?

Building a website is dependent on your skill level. if you are an experience Web designer , you can build your website in a short time. if you are abeginner who is just getting acquanted with the platform, it may take you a little longer than the experienced designer.

It takes a while to master the platform fully, so stay patient. Once you abuild a complete website you will find the next one easier to build.

The time it takes to build your website relies upon:

  • Readiness and Preparedness – Do you have all your content ready. Your images, graphics and text content, do you have them already prepared? have you designed a layout on parer for how your website will be. This is important to create the best user experience for your Web visitors.
  • Your Skill level – Have you used Squarespce to build other Websites in the past? If you have experience working with Squarespace and other alternative Website builders, build your Website may take shorter. If you are a beginner, take your time and learn everything you need to learn in order to build a successful website. One day you will be the experience designer people ask for help.
  • What is your timeline – If you are in a hurry you can build your website pretty fast. If you are not in a hurry, take your time to test what works best in terms of user experience.

Is squarespace easy to set up?

Yes. Compared to other Web Builders Squarespce is very easy to set up. Once you create an account, you can create Free Trial Websites to practise building your website.

using the interface is pretty intuitive and easy to use. However do yourself a favor and watch a beginners Tutorial before you dive in.

Building a Sqspce website is definitely easier than building a WordPress Website.

Tutorial for beginners

If you want to master squarespace, here are a bunch of Udemy tutorials to help you master how to create your Website using the Sqspce. You can also Watch this video series for Free on Youtube.

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  3. 20 Best WordPress Courses Online – Free and premium
  4. Broke man’s guide to starting a blog / Website / eCommerce site

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