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How to Create WordPress Video Blog - For Youtuber and Vimeo Creators

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This post is about a compilation of some of the best Video blogging articles and video tutorials online. If you want to get involved in video blogging , these resources should show you what you need. And what to do.

#1 All in one advice

  1. Wikipedia Article

What is a video blog and Video blogging? What is the history behind video blogs? Who was the first person to create a video Blog? What are some fun facts about Video Blogging? Read it on Wikipedia

  1. Vlogging Tips

This is a blog post from . This is the most comprehensive blog that covers everything. Even if I don’t list anything else under all in one advice, this is all you will need to go through. This post covers


Audio : Gives you tips on how to ensure a good audio quality for your videos. It is giving advice about Microphones .It gives quick alternatives to getting good audio on your Camcorder. The post is about 6 years old but has good general advice for audio equipment.

Lighting ,Camera and screenCapture : For video recordings, you need good lighting. Otherwise your videos are going to be dark, dim and visually unclear. The blog post will show you some great tips for lighting. You will find tips about proper lighting techniques for camera recording.

You’ll find a brief about Camera types. Camera advice is also given on this blog post.

If recording videos is too much for you, you will find ideas on how to record your screen. For screen recording, software such as Camtasia and Screenflow are mentioned.

Editing : Once you record your videos, where and how can you edit them? There are better video resources below .


These are the distribution channels for your Videos. A few are mentioned in the post. However you should only Consider, YouTube or Vimeo . And then embed those videos on your Website. DailyMotion is also possible for Video Distribution. And let’s not forget Facebook.

Read the blog here (10 Steps to Successful Video Blogging)

  1. WikiHow – How to create a Video Blog

Well, this is not a hands on advice. It is Not a tutorial. Just read it. It will tell you where to go but won’t tell you how to get there.

Mostly Video Tutorials

#2 Equipment and video/Audio Editing

These are tutorials related to Video recording/ Video Production , Audio editing and other equipment .

A) Mashable post (published 2008) A list of screen capture software , both free and paid . I noticed Camtasia is not listed among them. This a list of screencapture software listed on the Mashable blog post. If some of the software are dead projects, blame it on them for having not updated their post.

B) Camtasia Tutorials on the Techsmith website ( creators of Camtasia ) . On that page choose Camtasia for Windows or Mac to access the tutorials.

C) All Courses related to Video Production on Udemy (Some are Free and some are paid) . These cover various topics from various authors. Some are beginner courses. Others intermediate and advanced courses on Video production. There are great material here. Make sure you learn only what you need and do not get struck by analysis paralysis. The best way to learn is by doing. Learn the basics and make your mistakes along the way.

D) All Video Editing Courses on Udemy . Video editing is one of the most boring task you will have to bear with. The best thing you can do for yourself is, do not create extremely long videos. Break videos into short segments. You can skip video editing completely if you are not concerned about the ‘uhms’ and the ‘wellllls’ . If you do not care much for professionalism, then you can skip this . Video editing and Audio editing is a demanding task. Get good at it.

E) Audacity Tutorials . Audacity is a Free Audio Editing Software. The best of its kind. This software is enough to give you the best Audio quality possible. If you are producing videos for YouTube, Vimeo or even for Udemy, Audacity is good enough for Audio Editing . Audacity can be downloaded here.

F) Microphones

The audio quality is so important. The default mic on your phone , Camcorder or computer can only do so much. The following video is enough to help you choose a Microphone .

G) Microphones and recording Tutorials on Udemy. Tips for instructors and Video Creators. A bunch of Free and Paid courses relating to Audio recording and sound quality .

H) Types of Microphones – A very informative post from E- Home Recording studio . There are different types of Microphones. With Different uses in different environments and settings. Read this post to stay well informed and make better choices with the type of mike you will need.

#3 Video Distribution Channels

Never upload videos to your Web Host. Upload the videos to some video hosting/distribution platform. And then embed those videos to your Website. The following are the free places I have personally added videos before.

A) Youtube.Com

Of course YouTube has got to be at the top of your list. YouTube is a search engine. Nowadays people go to YouTube to search for videos on how to do stuff. Add your video on YouTube. It’s free to use.

You may check out some YouTube Tutorials on Udemy . Filter the courses for best results. Click on the Udemy sidebar to filter . You can also learn from the YouTube Academy

B) Vimeo.Com

Vimeo is best for HD videos. With Vimeo Pro you can always make sure your videos are served in HD wherever they are embedded. You can also make videos to be private and only visible in certain links. If you want a platform where you will provide videos to your community, Vimeo Pro would be perfect for you. Visit Vimeo help center to learn more and get help .


I haven’t used Daily Motion enough, to know what it is best for. DailyMotion is so much like YouTube. You can also monetize videos. And monetize your website with daily Motion Video ads. Visit Daily Motion help center to learn more about it.

D) Facebook

Just upload your video to Facebook . If you have a Facebook page you can build your brand around that.

The good thing about videos you own, is that you can upload them to multiple places. To upload your video in multiple places simultaneously, there are apps that can upload them from your Dropbox/Gallery/URL to all the places.

F) Your Website

Embed all videos to your Website . Do not upload videos to your web host. Embed the videos from places like YouTube and Vimeo.

The Video Blog / Website Tutorial

After creating your videos and posting them . Be it in on YouTube or Vimeo. You most definitely need to embed them on a website. I recently created a full tutorial on how to create your video blog with WordPress . Currently has over 900 students on Udemy .

The Course is available on SkillShare and Udemy . This link to the Video Blog course on Udemy will allow you to join the course at half the price.

I hope this video blogging resources will help you to know what you will need and what you will need to learn in order to fully immerse yourself into video blogging.

If there is any link above not working . Let me know in the comments below . So that I can remove it or update it.

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