How to Update HP Desktop Bios

Last updated on September 1st, 2019 at 06:22 pm.

Video Transcript :

Hi and welcome to this video .In this
video I’m going to show you how you can update the BIOS for your HP desktop. So
I’m using CPU-Z and you can just download cpu-z if you want to find out the
current bios that is running on your motherboard .

So just download it, install it and then you can click here on mainboard .
You can click on mainboard and down here you’ll see the version of the BIOS that you’re running. You can see
mine is updated, so I will not be updating it. But I’ll show you how to
update yours.

The first thing you’re going to have to do is, you’re going to
to have to download the BIOS update from the HP support website .
So if you go to Google you can google the model of your desktop drivers. So if you’re
running HP 800 g2 then you can just Google HP 800 G2 drivers and you look
for the result that that brings you the HP website .Don’t download them from
anyone else, just download them from HP.

Once you’re on the HP website, you’ll
choose your OS and all the drivers, then you’ll come here under BIOS . Once all the
drivers have been listed for your specific operating system and your
desktop model, come down here under BIOS . And download the version that is
that is available for you.

Look at the version here and compare this with what
you have on CPU-Z , see if it is the same, thing there is no point of downloading
it, but if it’s a more recent one then you’re going to have to download it . Just
click here on download it. So this is the file name.

This is what you’re going to have on your on your computer, and this is what you’re going to run. Ok ?
Once you download this find out where it is ,and for me I’m just going to
search for it on my PC. And once you locate it on your PC just run it . I
will open this to run it and I’ll just click Next . Just remember that mine is
already updated so I’m not going to finish the process, but I’m going to show
you everything you need to do to get it working on your desktop PC .

So I’ll just click Next and I can just say yes to all So after that has happened, that’s first bit. Now what you’re going to have to do is, you’re going to have to go into
your local local disk C . So come to your local disc and then here under swsetup
you’re going to find all the HP drivers that have been extracted on your PC. So
this is the one for the BIOS and you can see that it’s the same one. So just find
the right one . You’ll probably have lots of these folders here. Just find the one that is the same as your BIOS file.

Here you can read the how to use and
here you’re going to get the instructions on different ways you can
install it . But the easiest way for you to install it, is for you to come inside
here under HPQflash and then you run the dot exe file. So run this file and
just click Next , and my BIOS has a password . If yours has a password enter
the password.

You can see the versions for me are the same, so there’s no point
of updating but for you you’re just going to have to click Next and then you
let the process continue .

This is how you do it. Just click Next and continue on
with the process and once everything is done you’re going to have to restart
your computer immediately . As soon as this process completes you’re going to have to restart your computer immediately .
Don’t turn off your PC, don’t remove the power supply , the power from your PC .
Just let it run and let it finish and as soon as this is done, you’re going to need to
restart .

So that’s pretty much it on how you can do this BIOS update for
your PC. Once everything is done just let it run , you don’t need to do anything at
this point. Just let it run and when it’s done you’re going to be told to restart
the PC and you can just do that . So that’s how you can update the BIOS on
your HP desktop computer .

So if you have any questions feel free to let me know.

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