Top 50 JavaScript courses

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Top 50 Javascript courses on Udemy

The Top 50 JavaScript courses on Udemy

If you’re interested in learning JavaScript ( JS ) then Udemy offers tons of courses!

Here are the Top 50 JavaScript courses on Udemy. The courses are not ranked based on instructor or content basis .  The rankings are based on student feedback and student enrollment.


If after reading this , you join a course. And then find that it sucks. And it did not live to your expectations. You’ll be glad to know that Udemy offers no questions asked money back guarantee.  If you don’t like a course , you can ask for your money back.


Some courses are free, while others are paid. Udemy instructors sometimes change their courses form free to paid and vice versa. Keep this in mind.


Feel free to check these JS courses out!


  1. JavaScript the basics for beginners

Rob Merrill is the instructor offering this course for those who want to learn JS from beginning. He uses simple teaching techniques.

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  1. JavaScript boot camp

Maximilian Schwarzmuller is the instructor teaching all of the basics of JavaScript which includes practice on functions, variables, object-oriented works, use of modules like AJAX arrays, objects, and prototypes DOM and events, etc.


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  1.  Understand JavaScript

Anthony Alicea is the instructor. Along with the basics also teaches bind, apply, call, immediately invoke function expressions, scope chains, functions constructors along with new features of ES6, inheritance, brief knowledge of Angular JS, nodeJs, jQuery, React and all latest frameworks of JS.


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  1. JavaScript Basics for Web development

GoThink learning solution will help you master programming and JavaScript.


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  1. JavaScript ES6 trial

Learn about the ES6 latest version of JS. Here Stephen Grider will teach you Generators, Arrows functions, Rest and spread operators, and all of the new and latest techniques in JavaScript.


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  1.  JavaScript from beginner to expert, bring life to your site

This 12 hours course will help you polish your JS skills. Arkadiusz will teach you everything about JS whether you have any programming background or not.


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  1. Advanced JavaScript

Preparing for a JS related job interview? This course by Asim Hussain will help you with 20 questions related to JavaScript which are commonly asked in interviews.


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  1. The complete JavaScript boot camp

This EDUmobile Academy will teach you about different frameworks of JS which include Jquery, AngularJS, NodeJS. This course will familiarize you with these frameworks and make you able to work with them too.


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  1. JavaScript trick and workarounds

Become an expert of JavaScript. A very easy approach is used by instructor ITSolutions.


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  1. Learn JavaScript for beginners

Jana Bergant brings a course for people who want to learn JS from the beginning and don’t have any prior skills related to it.

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  1.  Bootcamp next generation JavaScript

Maximilian brings the latest version of ES6 for JavaScript lovers who want to learn about JS new technologies and become experts.


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  1.  JavaScript complete guide to learning JavaScript

Laurence Svekis teaches JavaScript in a convenient manner to clear all your concepts.


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  1. JavaScript Objects

Daniel Stern will teach you each and everything about JavaScript object pro.


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  1. ES6 JavaScript

Contains the most advanced technology and terms of JavaScript which you will learn from Michael E. Vargas JR


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  1. One hour JavaScript

A short but comprehensive course of JavaScript taught by John Bura.


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  1. JavaScript from Scrap for beginners

JS knights and Jury Bura will make you masters of JS by teaching you the latest and the very basics of JS.


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  1.  JavaScript Everything array

Laurence Svekis will teach you about all the tools and techniques to easily use arrays in JS.


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  1. JavaScript introduction to Object oriented JavaScript

Laurence Svekis will help you familiarize yourself with object oriented programming in JavaScript. This course will help you to develop your OOP concepts on JS.


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  1. JavaScript complete JavaScript with Jquery essential.

Jacob Akram will teach you about JS. After this course, you will be able to program anything in JS.


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  1. Learn Vue JS introduction to simple reactive JavaScript

In this course, Laurence Svekis teach you how to bind using DOM in JS and will also teach you about reactive JavaScript.


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  1. Become JavaScript Engineer

For a professional JS engineer. Elvio teaches you JS step-by-step from the beginner level and takes you to expert level.


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  1. Learn JavaScript fundamentals in an hour

EDUmobile Academy teaches you to write JavaScript and know about its purpose.


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  1. JavaScript basics web development building blocks

Laurence Svekis will help you learn how to create a dynamic interactive web pages using JavaScript. Learn about JavaScript comments console information, JS variables, functions, operators, etc.

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  1. Learning object-oriented JavaScript

Packt Publishing will help you change some common coding practices and empower you by giving you the tools you need for more efficient development. This course is intended for JavaScript developers as an easy gateway into the world of OOP by presenting a simple project.

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  1. Knockout JavaScript from scratch

If you want to learn about JS library this course instructed by Ayad Boudiab will help you. Learn how to create rich and responsive display. With applications that update dynamically, Knockout will be a great fit to implement simple and maintainable binding and dependency tracking.


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  1. Beginning JavaScript

Some basic knowledge of HTML is required for this course as you learn about what can be achieved through using JavaScript.


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  1. JavaScript promises application in ES6 and Angular JS

Teaches the best way to handle asynchronous flow programming.  Make your code clean, easy to understand, and actually fun to write. The requirement is familiarity with JavaScript callbacks.


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  1. JavaScript introduction for beginners

For beginners to improve your development skills to the next level by learning JavaScript. The requirement is that  you should understand basic HTML and CSS.


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  1. Basics of JavaScript coding

Learn the concepts of JavaScript in under 1 hour including how to add JavaScript to your web pages.


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  1. JavaScript manipulation of the DOM document object model

The Document Object Model is a model of your HTML document represented within JavaScript as objects. Create Dynamic interaction on web pages, update HTML elements, and manipulate element styling.


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  1.  Learn JavaScript

Learn the fundamental programming concepts and syntax of JavaScript. The requirement is basic HTML knowledge.


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  1. JavaScript Crash course

A quick crash course that will help you to gain some quality knowledge about what can be done through JavaScript.


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  1. JavaScript project learns to create memory game and more

Learn how to use JavaScript to create a game, everything from creating the game board to messaging, text, timers, and game setup. The requirements are: knowing about basics of JavaScript and understanding basic coding principles.


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  1.  JavaScript and Jquery basics for beginners

Learn about event handling, manipulating HTML content, and communication with external servers, all while using JavaScript.

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  1. Quick JavaScript core learning course JavaScript essentials

Learn JavaScript through this step-by-step training course. Learn how to create dynamic interaction on your web pages. Learn to use JavaScript to create better user interaction experiences on web pages. Practice with coding exercises and quick lessons.

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  1. JavaScript Gotchas and common mistakes

This course is tailored for beginner JavaScript developers who want to avoid errors. Even seasoned developers can benefit from it.


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  1. JavaScript a complete guide

A complete guide to JavaScript for students who want to learn about the language.


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  1.  JavaScript crash course learn to program

Every meaningful lecture is full of information that you can immediately apply to your coding work. This is an extremely efficient way to learn. The requirements are foundational HTML, Text editor, and Web Browser.


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  1. JavaScript from basic fundamentals to advanced

In this course you will learn about JavaScript from the basic fundamentals to advanced topics. Each topic is covered with examples to understand the concepts better. The requirements are to know a bit about HTML.

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  1. Dream in JavaScript

JS is a short series geared towards beginners who are looking to know more about this language. Go through a few examples and start dreaming about JavaScript and eventually getting good at it as well. The pre-requirements are Web Browser and Text Editor.

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  1. Functions in JavaScript

If you want to learn JS functions then this course will help you a lot because this course, taught by Rahul Giri, is all about JS function and you will clear your concepts regarding functions after this course.

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  1. JavaScript the beginner’s guide

If you want to learn about JS and make yourself an expert then this course, instructed by Tony Hewitt, will help you at the very basic level and introduces the fundamental issues with JavaScript programming. This course will help the student to write a web based application using HTML elements with the power of JavaScript


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  1. Practical JavaScript: JavaScript basics

If you want to test yourself and test your programming skills then this course instructed by Crypters Infotech will help you. Just learning the concepts of a new programming language is not enough, you need to know everything about it, and this course enables you learn everything about JS.


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  1.  JavaScript for Beginners Course

If you want to get experience of using JavaScript then this course, instructed by Laurence Svekis, will help you first to learn about the DOM (document object model) and make its power is available at your fingertips. You will be able to create interactive buttons for web users.


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  1. JavaScript fundamentals from scratch by examples

If you want to learn JavaScript due to its web applications then this course, instructed by Insane IT Skills, will help you.


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  1. Javascript3

Laurence Svekis brings another course in which he helps people to apply JavaScript to their WebPages and get a better understanding in order to learn core coding for more complex JavaScript.


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  1. RefactorU intermediate JS

You will examine arrays, objectives, functions, and loops after going through this course which gives you an ever-expanding JavaScript knowledge. Your ability of writing functions will also be enhanced.

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  1.  Learn JavaScript from beginners

This course is instructed by Simon Sez. It is a great start for JavaScript initial learners. During this course, you will learn about basic JavaScript programs, syntax, strings, data types, in addition details about (DOM). By the end of this course, you will have a complete command over its fundamentals.

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  1.  JavaScript Beginners introduction

This course provides a great opportunity for JavaScript beginners in which Blueline Learning Solutions gives a detailed explanation about each and everything regarding JS. This course instructs you with regards to the syntax and to insert the comment in JavaScript.

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  1.  ZK Web and mobile apps from Scratch using JS

If you have an interest in developing web based apps as well as mobile apps then this course will help you to learn about all of these things from scratch. You will be able to develop different apps after completion of this course.


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So, go ahead and check these JavaScript courses out and see which of them suits you  best.






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