Top 10 JavaScript courses

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the top 10 most rated and reviewed JavaScript courses

Top 10 JavaScript courses

Let’s have a look at the top 10 most rated and reviewed JavaScript courses. The JS courses will help you progress in your profession.  You can also check out the top 50 JavaScript courses on Udemy.

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

This course is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee and also awards you a certificate of its completion. JavaScript is the language that today’s developers need to know. Mastering JavaScript will certainly help with getting a job, and you’ll be capable of building high quality web applications. This course consists of 85 lectures in English and is instructed by Anthony Alicia. It has more than 64,000 students enrolled.

JavaScript – From Beginner to Pro! -Build real-world JS apps

This course, instructed by Abhay Talreja, aims to teach its students everything from the level of a JavaScript beginner to that of an advanced developer. You’ll understand other developer’s codes and will also be able to debug your own code. This course consists of 72 lectures and has close to 10,000 enrolled students.

Learn Javascript from Scratch

This is a new Javascript tutorial for absolute beginners. If you are new to Javascript, join it using this coupon.

Learn JavaScript for Beginners

This course will introduce you to executing JavaScript programs, and you will discover the basics of this language. You will get to learn to code  using loops and conditional statements. A total of 37 lectures are included in this course taught by Simon Sez IT.

Comprehensive JavaScript Programming

This course aims to teach you the procedure involved in developing JavaScript applications in around 2 hours. There are 27 lectures included in this course by Jordan Hudgens. It has more than 6,000 enrolled students.

Expert Guide: Mastering Functions in JavaScript

This course focuses on teaching you the ways to create your own modular library or even JavaScript plugins. With 19 lectures, this course is highly effective in turning a beginner into an advanced JavaScript pro. It’s taught by Rahul Giri.

Learn HTML, CSS, Programming and Javascript in this course

This course is a compilation of all of Ricky Wahowa’s web programming tutorials. In this course you will learn HTML, CSS, Programming concepts and Javascript. So much has been covered about Web design. So much more wwill be added as updates to the course. Here is a coupon for the HTML, CSS, Programming and Javascript course.

HTML5 APIs For JavaScript – A Course For Web Developers

This course has been developed by Infinite Skills. It teaches you to take complete advantage of the new HTML5 API’s for JavaScript. This course contains 45 lectures and has more than 7,000 enrolled students.

Javascript: Crash Course

This crash course by LearnToProgram, Inc. & Mark Lassoff teaches newbies JavaScript in a quick manner. This course consists of 16 lectures. Each lecture concretes your JavaScript fundamentals.

Become a JavaScript Engineer

This course lets you learn about JavaScript from a beginner to an advanced level. The course is instructed by Elvio Cavalcante and consists of 88 informational lectures.

ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

In this course you will learn Javascript es6  also called ES 2015 . This was the major update of javascript which was released in 2015. You need to stay informed of all changes in Javascript. Keep learning new things in JS, in order to stay ahead of other JS developers.

These top 10 JavaScript courses can help you gain a better understanding of this language and strengthen your expertise.

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