The MailChimp Tutorial for Beginners Course

Mailchimp tutorial for beginners

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You spend a lot of money on simple tasks. Simple tasks you are fully capable of accomplishing yourself.

Have you been hiring people to do your email Marketing tasks for you?


Do you ever wonder which email Marketing Platform is best for you? Damn ! There is a huge number of them out there. Some are cheap. Some expensive . And some definitely better than others.


You have heard of MailChimp . But , is it easy to learn?

You want to try it but you don’t have a full tutorial that can teach you everything about how to use it.


Most Mailchimp tutorials are created by Categorically lazy people. People who are completely ambivalent of your need for skills. People who just want to make money off of you with short incomplete Tutorials.  I am ashamed of them and I sincerely apologize on their behalf.

Solution : This MailChimp tutorial

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This MailChimp course does not teach you email Marketing (eMarketing). This course teaches you how to use MailChimp .

This is a thorough but simple course. Made up of short videos.

Videos that will build your knowledge from the ground to the very top.


I may have started by saying that this course will not teach you email Marketing. However, by the end of this full course you will know everything you need to know in order to implement eMarketing . You will be able to start collecting subscribers on your own Website. And you will learn to Connect and stay in touch with those subscribers.


Is that not email Marketing?

This MailChimp tutorial is your solution to getting involved in email Marketing.


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What to expect from this Tutorial Course


1.      From Zero to Hero in MailChimp

If you join this course without self confidence and self-esteem in the use of MailChimp. By the end of this course, you will leave walking tall. With your head held so high.

In fact some weaklings joined this course on Udemy. Gained so much confidence in the middle. Became so arrogant that they did not even have the humility to finish the course. I am still impressed. And proud of them.

So, I can assuredly assure you, you will become MailChimp and email Marketing Confident.


Please, just ensure you finish the full course. Okay?


2.      Demystify the basics of email Marketing

If you are an absolute beginner. By the end of this Mailchimp Course, you will have demystified email Marketing.


You will understand the steps. What exactly it entails. How exactly you can start doing it for your own products or services.


3.      Demystify subscribers , subscriptions and opt in forms

You will learn how to acquire and deal with Subscribers. After subscriptions, you will learn how to manage your lists on MailChimp.

For you to collect subscribers, you will need to know how to deal with signup forms.


You will learn all of that. You will learn by watching me practically do things. And if you do them too, you will be great and will soon become a paragon user of MailChimp.


4.      Understand Campaigns and Templates

These are the essential parts of connecting with your subscribers. And you will learn them both. Not just learn them, but learn them well.


After learning these two parts, you will immediately feel a deep desire building inside you. The desire to craft a message and send it out immediately .

As you begin, you will go through a feeling of apprehension. Your hands will probably shake a little. You will power through this feeling of slight anxiety. At this point you will constantly be referring back to one or more  of the videos in the Mailchimp course. It is your first time.


And when you are done through this. After following all the steps. You will get a high five from the Chimp on telling you that your campaign is on it’s way to your subscribers. If this was your first campaign, it will be a very rewarding feeling. You will feel excited and accomplished at the same time.


But first, you must take your part in this course. Then follow the tutorial to send your campaign.


You will have access to this mailchimp course forever. So, even if you sit back and wait for your Subscribers to grow before sending your first campaign. This course will always be there for you to refer back to when you are ready.


Mailchimp video tutorials



Let’s recap some benefits for you. Reasons why joining and watching this course is good for you.

1.      Learn and do things yourself

Self-explanatory . Right?

You will learn so much. You will be able to do so much. And you will be able to do it all without help. You will do things yourself. And if you ever get stuck, as long as you are in the course, you will always be able to count on my help.


2.      Save a lot of money

If you learn to do Mailchimp tasks yourself. Why would you hire anyone else to do something that you can do yourself?

I believe, the only reason you should hire someone else to do some tasks for you, is because you don’t have the time to do them yourself.

And not because you lack the skills to do them.


These MailChimp tasks are simple tasks, save money.


3.      You can even make more money

You have skills. Some people out there still need people with these skills. The skills you will acquire in the Mail chimp course .

Make yourself available and offer your MailChimp services to those who may need them.

You can make yourself available for hire by creating a profile in your Freelance Website of choice.

Then say you offer MailChimp services. And possibly continue growing your skill set.


So go ahead and get this Mailchimp Tutorial .


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