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The video below, shows you how to install WordPress on Bluehost


The only tutorial you will ever need on how to install WordPress on a new or any computer

To install wordpress you need a local server running on your computer. You may use Xampp or Wamp. I will show you how to get wamp for Windows and install it on your computer and install wordpress.

Let’s get started .

Installing WampServer

Head over to WampServer website at http://www.wampserver.com/en/

WampServer website installation of Wamp
1.  WampServer Website where to download Wamp

Click on download or click on the “START USING WAMPSERVER” on the homepage.
If your computer is 32 bits choose the 32bit version, if your computer is 64 bit choose the 64 bit version.

wamp server install for wordpress
2. WampServer installation- the download page on WampServer.Com

Quickest way to check windows bits version is as follows:

–Click Start then click ‘Run’

starting run on windows
3. Starting Run on Windows


–Type in msinfo32 as shown below

Checking windows bit version - 32bit or 64 bit
4. Typing msinfo32 in the Run window


–Hit enter

–in the System information window check out for system type . If the System Type is    ‘”x86-based PC”’ then your c is 32bit, x64 is 64. The following computer is 32 bit.

How to check for 32 bit and 64 it windows computer
5. A 32 bit computer as seen on system info



  1. Moving on,Click on download for your computer either the 32bit or 64 bit as shown in the diagram . A modal window appears as shown in the image below. To download click on the link that says ‘download directly.’
download link for wampserver
6. Modal window for download

4.2.Note: For WampServer to be installed you need the Visual Studio 2012 VC 11 vcredist_x64/86.exe , whose link is provided in the modal window as well. Feel free to download it just to be safe.

download link for visual studio vc redistributable 11
7. VC Visual Studio download link

4.3.On the Microsoft site click the obnoxious red download button.

Visual studio download page
Visual studio download page

4.4.On the next page that comes, if your computer is 32 bits select the file with “..vcredist_x86.exe “ appended to it. And if yours is 64 bit go for the “..vcredist_x64.exe”. Then click next and the download will start automatically.


4.5.Note: Once this Microsoft file is downloaded, ensure you install it first before the WampServer installation.

  1. Continuing from the WampServer download , once you click on the WampServer download link on the modal window, you will be redirected to sourceforge.net and the download starts automatically.

    download window for wamp server on sourceforge.net
    download window for wamp server on sourceforge.net
  2. After download completes, run the installer and follow the steps accordingly. If you get any errors the first thing, install the Microsoft file you downloaded as directed above, afterwards continue with the installation.

Installing Xampp

Head over to Apache Friends Xampp download page at https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html

Apache Friends - Xampp Download centre
Apache Friends – Xampp Download centre

For windows, your system will be detected, that is if your computer is 32 bit, the 32 bit version is availed for you for download.

Click on the blue download button .
The download automatically starts once you are redirected to sourceforge.net.

Sourceforge.net Xampp download

Before installing the downloaded Xampp package, ensure you have the Visual Studio 2012 VC 11 vcredist_x64/86.exe installed. To download it follow the steps provided above.



Installing WordPress

1.Download the latest release of WordPress on WordPress.org here    http://wordpress.org/download/ .

WordPress Download page
WordPress Download page

If you are using WampServer,

  1. Navigate to WWW folder in the WampServer directory. With the defaults it will ususally be at C:wampwww.                              

    wp www folder in wamp server wordpress
    www folder in wamp server
  2. Inside the WWW directory create a folder named “examplewordpress” . This is where you will extract the WordPress files .This is where your WordPress website files will reside.

    Create a folder to extract wordpress
    Created folder inside the www folder
  3. Head over to the where you downloaded WordPress and extract all the contents into the “examplewordpress” folder. Open the zipped file, you shall see a folder called wordpress within it. Double click on the folder and you shall see all the WordPress files. Click CTRL + A to select all the files and drag them into the “examplewordpress” folder.
the wordpress folders before extraction
Folder in the wordpress zip file
all the wordpress files in the wordpress folder within the downloaded zip file
all the wordpress files in the wordpress folder within the downloaded zip file
wp extracting into www folder
Extracting files into the examplewordpress folder

Creating A database

4.1   power up WampServer. Go to start menu and start WampServer. Then put the server online by going to the notification area and click and you see the menu as below.

wp how to put wamp server online
See Wamp in tray

4.2   You will have to be on PHPMyAdmin to create a database so open it up by clicking on it on the WampServer Menu as below

wp how to put wampserver online the menu
Click to view the menu items of the WampServer


phpmyadmin on the tray
click on phpmyadmin to open it on the browser


4.3   PHPMyadmin on the browser

wp-admin phpmyadmin on the browser on firefox
PHPMyadmin on my computer for the WampServer version I use

4.4   Create a new database and call it ‘examplewordpress’ . The screenshot below may vary from yours due to WampServer version differences.

Creating database on PHPMyAdmin

Continuing WordPress Installation

4.5   The database has now been created so we can go to the browser and proceed with WordPress installation.

  1. On your browser navigate to http://localhost/examplewordpress/ . Since you have not shown WordPress how to connect to your database you will see the message below. Click on “Create a Configuration File” button to continue to generating the wp-config file.

    WordPress config file not created yet
  2. In the next window that comes up click on “Let’s go!”

    install-wp-wordpress continue installation
    Continue installation
  3. Change Database Name to examplewordpress as you named it earlier while creating the database on PHPMYadmin.

Change username to your MYSQL Username, if you haven’t edited anything after the WampServer installation use root.

Leave the password field blank unless you had earlier set up a password

Leave the Database Host as localhost

Change the Table Prefix to anything else eg wpwpw_


wordpress-settings-install - WordPress install details
Install WordPress – enter all required info


Then hit submit.

  1. In the next window click “run the install”
  2. Enter your new WordPress site details.

    wp installation-wordpress
    WordPress site details
  3. Alright Sparky that’s it . You can now log into your wordpress site that you created with your username and password  you typed in the previous window with the WordPress details. Click log in.
    WordPress login ready


    The wordpress login screen
  4. Welcome to the WordPress dashboard.

    The wordpress dashboard
    The wordpress dashboard
  5. To see your site click on the site name as follows

    wordpress website view from dashboard
    Click to visit your wordpress website
  6. Your WordPress site running the twenty fourteen theme from WordPress.

    Wordpress installation public face of the website
    WordPress installation public face of the website
  7. Installation complete

For xampp just follow all these steps, except you will have to put the wordpress site folder in htdocs within the xampp folder since Xampp has no www folder but the htdocs folder.


Still have questions? Ask or comment on them below.



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