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Last updated on October 30th, 2020 at 04:00 pm.

3. MailChimp Dashboard overview - Bizanosa Mailchimp course

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Video Transcript

Here is the Dashboard.

So you can take a tour. If you want to log out, here is where you come to log out.

Here is the support, here is your Account settings for example if you want to change some account settings that’s where you will do it . Your profile is here .

Here we have the campaigns, templates, Lists, Reports, Automation

Create a Campaign. You can create a Campaign there: Regular Campaign , other types of campaign

.We’ll cover all of these .

So , you can just take a look at everything and familiarize yourself with MailChimp as you wait to watch the next video.

I’ll put all of them in one playlist which will be accessible on my Channel .

Okay guys. Until next time

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