Getting started on the path to success – Acquire the mindset

Last updated on October 30th, 2020 at 04:29 pm.

Every one of us in life is ambitious and has dreams, what sets people apart is action(s) towards achieving those dreams. But still action is not enough, you need faith. Faith will keep you focused. Faith will keep you motivated during trying times. But still, faith and action is not enough, you need the right mindset.

What separates you from the pack? To be successful you must attain a successful person mindset. On the path to achieve your dreams make the following your virtues, guidelines and attributes:

The virtues/guides/points/ attributes:

1. Make definite goals

Do not be vague. Write your goals and pursue them. You may not entirely know the specifics of how you will get there but define the idea. Improve the idea as you go on. Basically know what you want, and go after it with all the mind and economic resources within your reach. A clear goal will give you a clear picture. Don’t be too broad or you will be unable to fully give the necessary energy required in achieving your goals and dreams.

2. Define your success

You know your goal. Define your success based on that. I define success as the outcomes which make you feel accomplished: getting what you wanted, achieving what you dreamt and planned for , achieving the emotional fulfillment you hoped for.

Define your success and do not be afraid to shift the goal post once you achieve what you initially expected.

3. Patience and resilience is fruitful

Be patient. Be resilient. Patience and resilience are single handedly the most important virtues you must have and if you lack them, acquire them. Patience means hanging in there even when things may not be looking up for you. Resilience is the ability to not break down even when the weight you carry is too much, the strength to carry on in the toughest of times. Be resilient and be patient.

Even the biggest of successes weren’t achieved in an instance. Time, energy and sacrifices bore the successes. Don’t quit too early, stay patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, take it easy.

4. Build Measure & Learn

When you get to action, be vigilant on the market and the business experience. Study the progress. You’ve probably heard me say this before: follow the metrics. Meaning, what are your statistics telling you? Do not overlook the feedback you are getting, learn from what you are seeing and what is apparent. If you need to shift your business, then so be it. Should you see a better opportunity based on market feedback, venture into it.

Release your product to the market and watch it like a hawk with open mindedness. Should you see need for change, don’t second guess yourself. Point is, do not be rigid.

5. Failure is not an option

From the moment you start, failure is not an option. If you think like a failure and you think too much about failing, you will be scared to act efficiently. Fear of failure is a direct recipe for actual failure. Remind yourself daily that failure is not an option. It is not okay to fail. However if you fail, C’est la vie (that is life).

There are definitely more attributes to success in entrepreneurship. And I will keep writing about them here. I hope you share this with your friends and help them achieve their dreams as well. Share knowledge and you will understand better. Let us pursue our dreams without fear. We only get to live once so why not make the best of our lives.

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