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Last updated on March 8th, 2022 at 04:48 pm.

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Let’s see how to check if a package is available in the official Ubuntu or Debian repositories. To check package availability, you can do something like:

 apt search package-name

So maybe you want to install Audacity . You want to see if the audacity package is available in the Ubuntu or Debian repository. You can check that audacity is available:

apt search audacity 

Similarly, maybe you want to install containerd . Check to see if container d is available in the Ubuntu repository as so:

 apt search containerd.

Once you find that a package is available you can install it:

sudo apt install audacity


sudo apt install containerd

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The above commands also work on Debian.

Let’s see if that will work on Debian as well.

So let’s search for Audacity.

And you can see you have audacity and if you search for something that is not there you’ll see the results are different. Let me do CTRL L to clear the screen, up arrow .
And let’s search for Camtasia.

You’ll see that it doesn’t give any result for that .
So that’s how you can search for availability of a package in the Ubuntu or Debian repositories.

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