How To Change Linux Server Hostname { Ubuntu/Debian}

Last updated on July 27th, 2022 at 06:13 am.

If you are using Contabo VPS or any other cloud provider, you may need to change your Hostname. Here is a quick guide for how to change server Hostname.

What is the current hostname?

Check the current hostname:


Change the hostname –

To change the Ubuntu/Debian server hostname edit /etc/hostname .

sudo nano /etc/hostname

Delete the old name and add the new one. Then CTRL x, then Y and enter to exit out of the Nano editor.

Edit the hosts file – /etc/hosts .

sudo nano /etc/hosts

Change the old name to the new one in the hosts file.

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Restart the server :

shutdown -r



Check host name again .


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~ Hostname man page on Debian.

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