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Last updated on January 12th, 2022 at 11:56 am.

The following are VPSes I’ve used for various projects in the past. They are reliable. I can therefore confidently recommend them to you. As always each VPS provider has positives and negatives. My advice is, do not get too comfortable with one VPS. If it does not suit your needs anymore, use any other VPS of your choice. If you are no longer satisfied with their service, move to a different provider. Do not get stuck in one spot where you do not want to be.

The following are the VPS providers I recommend.


 Contabo VPS pricing screenshot

Contabo is a German Cloud Hosting provider. They provide VPS servers, Virtual Dedicated servers and Fully Dedicated Servers.

Contabo is undoubtedly the cheapest VPS right now.


– Offers the best price offers for VPS hosting.

– Reliable Server availability – not a lot of down time.

– Serves anyone, provided you can verify your details.

– Supports PayPal and a plethora of other payment methods.


– CPU steal – Some customers complain that their VPS neighbors sometimes take most of the CPU power leading to reduction in performance.

– The Contabo Dashboard feels a bit dated.


Vultr pricing Screenshot for cloud compute

Vultr is an American Cloud Hosting provider. It is one of the most reliable server providers available today. If you don’t know which VPS to use, I would definitely recommend you start with Vultr. I’ve used them the longest and therefore my recommendation is based on over 4 years of use.

Vultr provides VPS servers and a host of other server products. Here is a complete Vultr tutorial / overview for anyone new to this Hosting provider.

Positives :

– Very reliable and fast servers.

– You can start with a small server and Upgrade easily.

– The admin dashboard is very easy to use.

– Multiple data Center locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

– Even though the monthly charge is fixed, you are only billed for the actual hours the server was alive. If you destroy the server after one day, you will only be charged for the day.

– Multiple Application integration for both Windows and Linux.

– Supports paypal and a host of other payment providers.

– Supports custom OS installs through ISO uploads.

– Has lots of Documentations and guides for both beginners and experts.


– Not as cheap as Contabo but definitely more reliable for a production server.


Linode pricing table - Click to view

Linode is an American Cloud Hosting company founded in 2003. Linode is a great alternative to Digital Ocean and Vultr. They have over 1M customers and have servers distributed globally.

Linode offers lots of Cloud services ranging from VPS compute servers, Kubernetes and more. Feel free to check out the available server options with this $100 coupon link.


  • Tried and tested by multiple developers who regularly recommend it.
  • Reliable Customer support service ready to assist you.
  • Has superb documentation and tutorials for all their products.
  • Linode has a huge range of servers to choose from.
  • Multiple Data Centers globally.
  • Provides $100 credit to new customers.
  • Modern and easy to use dashboard.
  • Provides reliable and fast servers.
  • Provides multiple server OS solutions. Also has multiple turnkey solutions to run your Apps by setting up the environment during setup. The marketplace has multiple one click software installation options.
  • You can scale your server up or down.


– Not as cheap as Contabo but definitely more reliable for a production server.


OVH VPS prices

OVH, is a French cloud hosting provider. OVH Cloud offers VPS, dedicated servers and other web services. It has been a trusted server provider for over a decade.

Positives :

– Reliable servers

– Multiple server locations to choose from.

– Affordable server options available

– Easy to setup and manage server.

Negatives :

– Slow support


DigitalOcean pricing for droplets VPS

Digital Ocean is a popular choice among many developers. If you don’t want to use Vultr, a direct alternative would be DigitalOcean. Watch this video if you want to get a complete overview of Digital Ocean.


– It is easy to setup a new server.

– Admin Dashboard is user friendly even for beginners.

– Superb documentation and a helpful support forum.

– Reliable server hardware.

– Multiple data Center locations globally

– Easy to upgrade your server.

– Lots of third party application integration available.


– Similar pricing like Vultr but not as cheap as Contabo.

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