VPS vs VPN – What is VPS ? What is VPN ?

Last updated on April 18th, 2022 at 12:37 pm.

VPS vs VPN - What is VPS ? What is VPN ?

VPS vs VPN Difference

This brief intro will explain the difference between VPS vs VPN. For more explanations and examples, read the post below or watch the video above.

A VPS is a virtual server provided by a Web Hosting provider. You can use the VPS server for hosting websites, email, applications, database and so on.

A VPN is a software used to mask your identity online. You can use a VPN to connect to the internet using a different IP which will make it appear as if you are in a different country. A VPN network has multiple points from which you can connect from. Once your internet is connected, just install a VPN, select a location and it will appear as if you are connecting from the country you have chosen in your VPN software.

Read more below.

What is a VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) ?

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual server provided by a Cloud Hosting provider. You can use this virtual server to host your website and applications. Most VPS providers will automatically install a Linux or Windows server OS in your VPS when you make your initial purchase.

Watch this video to learn how to setup your VPS server with Ubuntu on Contabo (a VPS provider).

Here is a list of VPS providers I recommend.

Here is a VPS tutorial Playlist on YouTube that will show you how to setup your VPS and run WordPress.

What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an application you can install on your computer in order to hide your internet identity.

Normally a VPN provider will setup different server locations where you can connect to. They will usually be in different countries. Once you install the VPN software, you can then choose one of these available connections to connect to.

If you are in China, and you are not allowed to access certain websites, you can install a VPN and change your location to US, UK India, etc. You will then be able to connect to the blocked website.

Some examples of VPNs you can use are:

There are other VPN provides not listed above.

VPN vs VPS Conclusion

In conclusion, just remember that VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is used to mask your identity online by connecting to the VPN network so that you may assume a different IP address.

On the other hand, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is a Virtual server that you can purchase from a VPS provider. You can then use the VPS to host your website or application or email et.c .

That’s it for this VPS vs VPN post.

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