22. WordPress Child Theme Plugin

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 05:21 am.

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Hi and welcome back to this WordPress course by Bizanosa.com .

In the last video we saw how we can create child themes manually. We did modify this file. So I will remove that. And in this video I want to show you a plugin that you can use in creating the child themes.

I have already installed that plugin. It’s called one click child theme. We’ve seen how to install plugins. You can just go into Add New. Search for the plugin right there. And install it. You can see there is a bunch of other plugins. At your own time you can try them out and see if you like them.

So we want to create a child theme. And the first thing I will have to do is to go into the WordPress folder and delete the child theme that we currently have. To access this plugin, you will go into Appearance, then child theme.

I need to come here and make sure that this is deactivated, because I deleted it without deactivating it first.

So, I will come back and reload. And now, this is what we expect. So theme Name, 2015 Child .You can give it a description, Child theme description. Then Author. Click on create child theme.

You can see that the child theme has been created and activated. And this plugin, automatically uses the screenshot of the parent theme as the screenshot for the child theme.

I did show you how you can change the screenshot .I will go into 2015 child .Then come here, copy this image. Delete that image. Paste it in there. Rename it to screenshot.png .Then come back .And there you go.

So in the last two videos we’ve learnt about child themes. You have learnt how to create a child theme manually .In this video we’ve seen one plugin that can help you create the child theme in a very short time.

That’s it for child themes. In the next video we’ll look at WordPress widgets.

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