15. More about WordPress Menus – SubMenus and Categories

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 05:36 am.

15 .Create WordPress menu - category & submenus - Bizanosa Tutorial

Video Transcript

Hi there and welcome back to this WordPress course. This is where we stopped in the last video.

In this video we want to create the second menu and see what this social links menu is all about in this theme. By creating the second menu, we’ll explore custom links. And once we are done with that we’ll look at categories.

So, let’s start by creating a new Menu for our second Menu location . We’ll call this, social links. I will create this Menu.

So, with this Menu, I want to add my Facebook page, Instagram link and my Twitter link. I will start with Facebook. I will add custom link . I will post the link. Then, I will call it FB. Then add to Menu.

Then, I will come back again. Take my Twitter.com link. Paste the link there. Make sure it comes with the http or the https . I will call it Twitter .

Then, I will go back and take my Instagram link. Add that here. Then I will call it IG . And Add it to Menu.

If my guess is right, I believe all of these will turn into icons based on the actual links. So, this will have the Facebook icon, Twitter icon and the IG icon.

In the other menu we went into location and changed it there. So with this one, what we will do , we’ve created the menu, we have added the menu links , I will just come down here into Theme locations and select social Menu. That means that it will be located in the location of the social menu. So, I will save this menu.

Social links has been updated . So if I go into my website, you can see we only have this Menu. I will reload. And you can see we have my twitter Link, Instagram link and Facebook.

So if you want to rearrange this, you can just drag and drop. Let’s say you want Instagram to come before Facebook, you’ll just rearrange them. And once you do that, you will save the Menu. That will be reflected on the website when you go and reload.

So let’s go to the other Menu, which is the Main Menu. Then select.

So you’ve seen how you can add custom links. You just come here, add the link, give the link a name , then Add to Menu. And it will come there. So now I want to add category links.

So let’s say I want to link to all of these. I want to have them also added to my MENU . So I will add to menu. And once I do that, I want to change this . I will call it No Cat for No Categories . Then I want to make this Capital . And this, I also want it to be capital.

I will Save Menu. I will come and refresh the page. Once I refresh the page, you will see that all those Menus have been added here. So , if I go to funny, it will show me all the posts that are under this Category.

If we go to No Cat we’ll see that we have these, one , Two , Three posts. But I want to remove the No Cats category . To remove a link, I will just come here and click on remove. And, as usual make sure you save Menu. Then I also want to rearrange them.

I will add this as a sub-item . So you can go as deep as the theme allows , I will Save Menu. Come back. Reload. And if I come to blog. You will see that indicates that there are sub-items here.. And I can just click and view.

So, to recap what we’ve learnt in this video . We have created a second Menu and created custom links to it. Then we’ve seen how we can rearrange the links . You have seen how you can create a sub menu. Then we’ve also seen how you can add categories into the Menu.

In the next video we’ll start to look at WordPress plugins. So here.

See you in that video on WordPress plugins.

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