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How to create a new page in a WordPress website

You have just installed a WordPress website or perhaps your WordPress website has been running for a while and you need to add more pages. You may also need to edit pages which are already created, that is to correct misspellings and to add more content to pages.

This article will show you how to:

  • Create a completely new WordPress page and add content to the page
  • Edit content of an existing page
  • Add the new page to Menu

There are different ways of doing things in WordPress depending on the window you are currently on. Meaning there are different ways of doing all the above depending on the page you currently are on in the WordPress Dashboard. However I will only be showing one way for doing each, on the dashboard. The other ways you will learn intuitively and instinctively in no time as you continue using WordPress.

1. How to create a new page

  •            On the Dashboard click on the Pages menu item on the menu.
  •            On the next page that appears that lists all your pages Click on Add New
  •             On the WordPress page editor that appears add the title of your new page where it says : Enter Title Here
  •             If you have ever used any word processor then working on the page editor is just a similar process. You can even copy and paste your content into the edit area of the editor.
  • At this point you can click Publish to Publish the new page. It is advisable to do this once you have added your content.

2. How to edit content in a WordPress page that already exists

Method 1

i.            Log into your Dashboard if you haven’t logged in yet

ii.            Click on Pages on the WordPress Menu

iii.            Choose the page you want to edit

iv.            Start editing your page

v.            Click on Update once you are done editing

To see your new changes click on View Page

Method 2

You are Already logged into your WordPress Website. Admin Menu is visible on the public side of the website.

i.            Go to the page you want to edit

ii.            On the Admin Menu click on Edit Page

iii.            Make your page changes.

iv.            Click Update to publish the changes.

How to add the page to your menu

v.            To add the page to your Menu Go to   Appearance -> Menus

vi.            Choose the menu where you want to add the new page

vii.            Select the page on the left Panel tab

viii.            Then click Add to Menu, the page will have the same name as the title you used for the page during its creation.

ix.            Then click on Save Menu

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