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Last updated on July 13th, 2020 at 01:38 pm.

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This is a brand new HTML and CSS class for those with a little HTML and CSS skills. In this  Skillshare class you will build a simple web page project to cement your html/css skillset.

You will build a web page from scratch using plain HTML and plain CSS. You will start by laying down the code structure using HTML. You will see how the page is without any styles. We will add all the elements that will be on the page.

After creating the HTML bone structure for the page, we will begin to style the Web page step by step. We’ll style all the elements of the page and position the various blocks of our  page using CSS.

This Web design Tutorial will show you how you can use both HTML and CSS to create a web page. My aim is to constantly add more content into this course in future. For now it is complete as it is, but in future I will add more elements on our html page. We’ll build it up to a more complex web page with more elements and create even more pages in order to fully cement your HTML skillset.

ALL Videos have now been added into this Skillshare Web Design class.

More updates will come in future, probably next year.

I have created 39 free access links for my students only.Please do not share the links anywhere else. The links are below.


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Instructions for the HTML/CSS Exercise files:

1. Download all the HTML/CSS exercise files here .

2. Download the 3rd option labelled : 3. Files for the HTML Update Project – My Name is Jack  .

If you have any questions feel free to create a discussion on Skillshare. I will be able to assist you by reviewing your code and making suggestions. If you get stuck contact me on Skillshare or even leave a comment on this page.

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