How to Run WordPress on a VPS using Cyberpanel

Last updated on January 5th, 2022 at 12:31 pm.


You don’t need an expensive WordPress VPS Hosting. You can setup your own server for as little as $3.50 or $5 pm .

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That is exactly what this free YouTube tutorial will show you how to do. A YouTube playlist that will show you how to setup your server and install everything you’ll need.

Finally you ‘ll install WordPress and run as many websites as you may have..

And it’s all free on YouTube.

By the end of this tutorial you will be able to run WordPress on a VPS. You will also be able to add more websites on your Server.

Free YouTube Cyberpanel Video Tutorial

This free Cyberpanel Tutorial will show you how to setup your server and make it production ready.

Whether you are a Windows user , Mac user or Linux user, you will be able to follow along with me.

There are two playlists : Cyberpanel Tutorial Playlist for Windows users and Cyberpanel Tutorial playlist for Linux and Mac users

As a windows user who has never used Linux on their desktop, you can still follow along using putty.

If you are a Linux user or Mac user you can follow along using terminal. I have two separate playlists for both parties.

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The technologies we’ll use for our production ready WordPress Server

These are what we’ll need to setup and run WordPress

1. Terminal : As a Mac or Linux user, you will setup your server via terminal.

2. Putty & Puttygen : As a Windows user, this is how you will login and set up your server. You will need Puttygen to generate SSH keys.

3. Centos 8 : This is the operating system we will use on our WordPress server.

4. Cyberpanel : Cyberpanel is the free Cpanel alternative we will use to manage our server. It comes with everything we need to run our WP website(s).

5. Vultr Platform : Vultr will be my VPS of choice for this tutorial. Check out if this offer of 100$ credit is still available for you. Hopefully it is.

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You can follow along on Digital Ocean or any other VPS once you deploy a server.

Windows Users – Server setup

Linux / Mac Users Server Setup

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