Array Example in Java Continued [Video]

Array in programs

  This is a direct continuation from this Array example in Java. In this video you shall: declare the array, initialize the array elements and output the array elements on screen     Introduction to programming If you are interested in learning more things like these. Things that will teach you about programming. Join The introduction to programming using the

Array Example in Java [Video]

Array in programs

  In this video we shall start by looking at one way of declaring Arrays in Java. This video is a continuation from this one on accessing arrays.   You shall see how to declare an array. I will be using for the demo SO you will not need to install anything. This video is part of the Introduction

How to Access Array elements [Video]

Array in programs

  Hey. And welcome to another video about Arrays. In the last video you had an Introduction  to Arrays . As promised, this  video will continue with the same. Int his part you will learn how Arras are accessed. In brief Arrays are Zero Based Indices Arrays are accessed using their identifier , which is the name of the array

Introduction to Arrays in programming [Video]

Array in programs

  This will introduce you to arrays. In the next video we shall continue from this part on Arrays.   Watch the full Video course on programming, here, for free  

Setting Up WordPress permalinks for SEO

Permalinks refers to the permanent links / URLs to articles / Pages and posts in your website. Think of the permalink as a way for anyone on the internet to link back to some content page on your Website.   By default, WordPress permalinks will not be pretty so you may need to go into your settings and change the

16 Update WordPress : Themes , plugins and core

Editing admin Dashboard for Wordpress

Update WordPress and Take it live In most Web Hosts, updating WordPress is as easy as the click of a button. When there are updates, you will just click on the update icon at the top of the WordPress Menu. Update WP Core This involves updating WordPress files. If there is an update you will know. As seen in the

How to Monetize your Website with Facebook Ads

Monetize website - FB Audience Network

You may try to monetize your website with Facebook Ads. Kind of the same thing  like with Google Adsense . You can add the Facebook Audience Network advertisement code on your website and gain ad revenue from your web page visits/ Ad impressions  .   It’s important to note that: Facebook is quite selective of sites they approve. But you

Introduction to Programming – Fast-forward

Intro to programming course

  Let’s  fast forward to the conclusion of this Introduction to Programming course.  This Intro to programming course is in chapters / section. To go all the way  , starting from scratch is a priceless journey into the world of programming concepts.   In this video you will get some solid advice on: How best to learn programming Where to

[Video] Learn HTML , some CSS and WordPress in 3 Hours

Learn HTML and CSS and WOrdPress in 3 hours

  Learn WordPress and HTML in 3 hours.   Feel very FREE to ask any question in the comments section below. Okay

What is HTML and CSS ?

Learn HTML and CSS on Udemy - By Bizanosa

  HTML and CSS are the foundation of all Websites. HTML HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used for structuring and describing a Web Page . Learn more here ( Introduction to HTML >> ) .   CSS CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets . It is used for designing/ Styling a web page. The aesthetics of

1. Introduction to Programming

Introduction to programming by R wahowa for bizanosa

Introduction to Programming   If you want to learn to code way beyond HTML and CSS, go ahead and watch this full tutorial. In the end you will understand most principles about programming languages.   Programming Languages resemble one another Some programming languages originated from others. While others were influenced by others. This implies that most styles and concepts in

Create a MailMUNCH PopOver / PopUp [Recovered]

Creating a MailMunch popover - The crashed and recovered video

Last updated on August 30th, 2016 at 10:57 am On Skillshare, this video wasn’t uploaded as part of the course. On Udemy the video was uploaded as part of the course. MailMUNCH Tutorial course Links Course Link to Skillshare : Course Link to Udemy : You may now sign up and Watch the full course on Udemy.

15. The Video Blog to create

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

Last updated on October 8th, 2016 at 04:14 pm     Watch this video if you are still not sure about the video Blog we’ll be creating. Throughout this series we’ll be creating a Video intensive site. A website where you will be able to embed your videos. The basic idea and foundation The basic idea here is , a

14 Installing WordPress in a subfolder

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

In the last video we installed WordPress. You learned how to install WP on BlueHost and how to install it on any other Web Host that uses the CPanel . In this video, we shall redirect the site. So that it goes to the home page domain and not the domain with the directory. You may watch the video to

13 How to Install WordPress – BlueHost / CPanel [Video]

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

Last updated on October 8th, 2016 at 10:46 am     In this post we’ll install WordPress . In the video I will use Bluehost for the demonstration . 1 Install WordPress on BlueHost – Latest Installing WordPress on Bluehost is a quick step by step process. You can also get these steps here .   Log into your Bluehost

12 How to create a subDomain – CPanel – [ Bluehost Video ]

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

In this post / video , you will create your sub-domain . In the video, I will use Bluehost for my demonstration. If you are using Bluehost watch the short video to see how to create a new subdomain.   Subdomain is something like ,  or   . You can create a completely new website on a

11 WordPress Video Intensive Theme [Video]

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

Welcome back to this WP Video blog series. In this video let’s talk about the Theme we shall use.   Cost of the theme The Responsive II theme is a free WordPress Theme and can be downloaded from the WordPress Theme Directory. For this video intensive blog, you can use any other theme you like.   Responsive The theme is

10 Cpanel File Manager popup [Follow up Video]

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

This video is a follow up of the CPanel crash course. Depending on the version of the cpanel installed by your webhost. Sometimes when you click on the file Manger link (as shown in the video) . A popup will appear . On the popup, you will be able to choose the directory you would like to go to.  

9 CPanel Crash course – short cPanel tutorial [Video]

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

  Cpanel is used by most web hosts. If your web host is using Cpanel. And you have no idea how to use it. Watch this short video tutorial. I will use cpanel on a Bluehost managed account.   Cpanel is used to manage your website and your web hosting account. The following are some areas that is managed by

8 How to Assign a New Domain to Bluehost [Video]

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

  Here is the scenario. You have a domain on Namecheap . And you have a hosting account on Bluehost. And your hosting package allows you to have multiple websites. And you want your domain on Namecheap to be hosted on Bluehost .   The above video will show you how to assign your domain to your Bluehost account. It

7 Adding NameServers for your domain [Video]

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

If you were following along with me. Doing everything as I was, then here is where you are at. You have bought your hosting from Bluehost . And you also have a domain on NameCheap.   And most importantly, the domain you want to use, is the one you have bought on Namecheap. This is the domain where you will

6 How to buy Web Hosting [Video]

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

In the last post you learned more about the Video blog website, and getting a new domain name from Namecheap.   This video will show you how to buy web hosting on Bluehost. If you have a domain on a different  company. And you already have hosting in a different company. You can connect the domain and your hosting.  

5. Getting a new Domain Name

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

A domain name A domain name is how people will be able to reach your website. Buying a new domain is pretty easy. To get a new domain name. It has to be registered by an accredited Domains registrar. Once you are on the registrar’s website, you will search for the domain name you want. A domain name must be

4. More about the Video Blog , Hosting and Domain

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

Parts of the Video Blog (Blog pages and post pages) Hey and welcome back to this WordPress Video Blog series. As you are already aware, in this series we are building a video intensive blog. A blog where we’ll be able to embed our YouTube and Vimeo videos. In this video you’ll get to know a little more of what

3. Only for a WordPress Beginner

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

As we agreed in the last post about our Video Blog, our video blog will be built upon WordPress. And your video source will be YouTube or/and Vimeo. This post is about WordPress (WP) . Specifically WP for beginners . If you know about WordPress . And you have  used it. And also know your way around it and what

2. A Video Intensive Blog – A Few things to consider

Creating a Video Blog with WordPress Series

What is the basic idea of a video blog? Videos posted consistently on some online platform. The platform may be your Website or a Third Party website.   The important part is where to host the videos. After that, your main worry is getting the videos on your blog/website. There are lots of different places to host videos : YouTube,

1. WordPress Video Blog Intro

Video Blogging Resources for a beginner - What is video blogging

Last updated on May 2nd, 2016 at 10:18 am Have you ever wanted to build your own video blogging website? Video blogging entails different parts. First you have to create the videos. Then you have to edit the videos. Sometimes editing is not even necessary. After creating and editing, you will choose a channel for distributing your videos. In this

WordPress 4.5 updates

WordPress 4.5 is officially released. Update your Website to avoid any vulnerabilities on your Website. Before updating your website always make sure to back up everything. You can set up back ups to happen automatically regularly. Get in touch with us if you need help with this. Read more about the changes to WordPress here .

28 – WordPress Tutorial for beginners – Full length

WOrdPress tutorial for beginners level

Last updated on June 18th, 2016 at 11:38 am   WordPress tutorial for beginners This WordPress Video Tutorial for beginners will introduce you to WordPress. You will learn to use WordPress . Web design is very important to those on a budget. You can learn how to use WordPress to make Websites. This WordPress course will teach you everything about

27. Conclusion video for the WordPress tutorials

27. Conclusion video for the WordPress tutorials

Last updated on January 24th, 2016 at 10:17 pm   Video Tutorial   Hi, and I would like to congratulate you for having completed this course in WordPress. If you stuck along, I am sure you learnt a lot, and if you want to follow us, these are the links to Bizanosa Social sites. If you see that there is