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Bizanosa’s WordPress Tutorial  Course for beginners


You have heard it a million times from a million people, telling you how easy it is to learn WordPress (WP). Well, they are right. Is that why there are so many WordPress tutorials? For beginners , for the intermediate and for the advanced?


WordPress is here to stay. The web today is run mostly by Word Press websites. Big websites, small websites. Powerful websites, simple websites, serious websites and especially the rumors and gossip websites. They are running Word Press.


Even you, are running a WP (WordPress) website. Or, you are planning on launching one soon. One step at a time, that is my key philosophy here at Bizanosa.


I have heard people complain about how tough it is to learn something new. And how busy they are to spend a few hours on learning something. If this is you, please don’t read any further. Read no more, go out there and find material on procrastination and time management. That will be a better use of your time at this point



Enough is enough


Scenario 1


“yesterday I paid someone so much, …. Now I’m pissed after learning what I needed done. “



Wordpress tutorials for beginners - video tutorials


I feel sorry for the above individual. A web designer  can be unscrupulous too. Not all, but some will stick it to you. There are simple web design skills that you can learn in less than thirty minutes.


As I always say, knowledge is never wasted.


Can you imagine being able to maintain your own website. WP website, to be more specific. Update your plugins and theme yourself. Add that new page for your new service. Change your contact details when you move to a new office. Change your social media links when you create a new page. Remove a team member when you fire that rogue employee.


Is it okay to do the website changes and updates yourself ? There are simple things that you can do perfectly in less than five minutes. These, you should never pay anyone to do for you.


This WordPress video course is a way to give you confidence to work on your Website whenever you feel like it.



Scenario 2


“My WordPress Web designer has gone silent”



Wordpress tutorials for beginners - wordpress video tutorials



Yep. It happens. Sometimes WordPress designers just decide to go on vacation . The individual must really trust this blogger. This is not a situation where you want to find yourself in. This is not a position I ever want to be in.


This is like someone breaking up with you, without ever telling you it’s over. To make it worse , it’s around your birthday or Valentines day. You try calling, texting, social media. Heck ,you even try emailing them. To no avail. Sorry.


If your WordPress guy breaks up with you, and you are in a hurry to do something . Something you already know how to do . What do you care, if they never reply your email again. You will do it yourself. That is the position you always want to be in. Your small website (Or big) should not suffer tragedies such as this.


WordPress for you as a beginner, is usually the easiest part in the learning WordPress curve . The higher you go, the tougher things might get, depending on the level of proficiency you want to attain.


It is still a breeze in the WP beginner level. So, fear not.




What is WordPress


I feel like you already know this. Nonetheless, I will include it anyway.


What is WordPress. It is a Content Management System (CMS) that you can use to create your website or blog online. A basic definition of a CMS off of my head is ,  it is a way to control content for a website: you can create pages and manage those pages, you can create posts and manage those posts and you can add media items and manage them as well . You can also add Users and manage them. All this is done in an admin area commonly referred to as the Dashboard.


That is exactly what WordPress does. You can create your website with it. You can create any kind of Website ; portfolio website, professional website, ecommerce website, Video website , fashion blog website, food blog website. And so on .


WP uses themes as a way to give a certain look and feel for each website. When you install WP, it comes with 3 default themes that are built and maintained by the WordPress Community (Overseen by Automattic , the company behind WordPress.Com) .


You can choose from a variety of themes (Some free, some premium) . You can use themes to create a Website of any type. Based on the features of the WordPress theme chosen.


WP plugins are also essential in adding functionality to WordPress. If you want to add floating social media icons, a flashy looking contact form, a pop up to annoy your visitors, a signup form, a social media capability, an anti-spam mechanism etc.


WordPress powers most of the web today. And it will for a long time to come.


That, is WordPress.




Why I believe Everyone should learn WordPress


WordPress tutorials are everywhere.


Why would you want to learn WP. Most WordPress hosting have a one click install. Meaning, you can install WordPress without worry of setting up complex things like databases.


That makes the barrier to online entry very minimal.


That means that if you know how to use WordPress, you can  literally be online within 24 hours.


These are some reasons for which, some people. Some people I know and some I read of online. Decided to learn WordPress. The original motivation was to learn how to quickly build a website.


After some research, WP as a website builder , seemed as the way to go.


Here they are…




Test your idea


Mary was a student. She wanted to see if anyone would be interested in her baking recipes.


So as an introvert, she didn’t want to go out and talk to anyone. And as a student, she was broke. Hence could not afford to hire anyone to make a website for her.


She learned about WordPress and realized that she could get some not costly shared hosting. And could then whip up a simple blog and post her stuff.


Turns out there are people who actually like baking and would like to try out baking recipes! After setting up her site, she had like 50 visits a day initially, which grew after setting up her YouTube channel.


I bet by now she sells ebooks and video tutorials on that site. All because she learned WordPress.


I have used almost all the CMSes and most eCommerce solutions out there and I can tell you, there is no self hosted solution that will get you up and running as fast as WordPress.



The steps are pretty much this simple:


1. Decide what your website is about >>


2. Choose a hosting company (Almost all, have one click install for WP . Make sure they are using CPanel) >>


3. Install WordPress >>


4. Setup your basic pages and add content. >>


5. Start blogging or whatever.




Make money on the side


Peter  , a friend of mine , does Freelance jobs specific to WordPress.


During the day, he has his job as a Graphic designer working for his employer. Once he leaves work during the weekdays, he works part time working on WordPress websites.


On the weekends he is free and has the choice to get more WP jobs or to just enjoy his weekend.


Learn WordPress, go to freelance websites and find jobs you can handle.


The important thing is to take jobs you can handle. Of course with time , your skills will grow, but in the beginning, take jobs you can handle.




Impress or help someone


Jared’s mom is a teacher. Her mom wanted to make extra money and possibly eventually quit her teaching gig. So she and Jared decided that she should try tutoring and creating helpful courses for students.


I like this story. Why? Basically, don’t overthink things. Just do what you know how to do. You have been teaching math, so teach math, create mathematics resources.


Well, Jared was a B.com student (Bachelor of Commerce) . In his 2nd year, Certainly not a geek, but he went online. Learned about Web Hosting (Just a little bit) . Learned how to use WordPress. Installed WordPress and set it up for her mom.


Now, if her mom is doing any marketing for her young business, she certainly has her website as a reference point. And , certainly, he must have taught her how to use WordPress. To enable her do most publishing herself.


I love it !



Make money full time


You and I can agree that we have read a lot about self employed WordPress gurus. Some are designers, some are developers, consultants, trainers, etc.


I know, as a beginner you probably feel like you are not and will never be like that. All you need to remember is that, great accomplishments take time.


You should start from what you don’t know. Then move to what you don’t even know existed. Stick with me, I will get you there. Step by step, is my key philosophy here at Bizanosa. One course at a time.


As I said up there, if you take a job, take what you can handle. What you can handle will grow with you, as you learn more.


It has been said so many times, learn more to earn more.


Get online, create a presence


Web design, one way or another is how you create an online presence.


Picture this, you are a marketer. Currently employed. Or even a student. Let’s stick with currently employed for this example.


In your free time you run your WordPress blog. Giving advice to small business owners on marketing tactics and DIY (Do It Yourself) SEO. And you do this regularly. Posting content on your website.


Fast forward, a few months, you have a relative number of readers. You decide to create an ebook , let’s call it , Starting Man’s guide to getting noticed : A DIY marketing guide .


How many of your readers, do you think would buy it? And note, you still have your job. You didn’t have to risk your family’s income source.


If the Starting Man’s guide to getting noticed, sold enough copies, you would have a choice. Create more products while still working, or quit and concentrate even more on your Website.


To achieve this endeavor, you initially had to set up your WordPress blog. And you published content yourself. You updated the site yourself.


Don’t be wrong about this. The important piece, was your marketing skills that you wanted to share with small business owners.


Making the WordPress site, was just a step along the way. And when you built it yourself, it probably was not the most beautiful website in the world. Can I tell you a secret: As long as people were able to get what they wanted from your website, no one cares how appealing or unappealing it is.


Again, don’t get me wrong here. The important part is ; as long as people got what they wanted.


The power of WordPress.



Maintain my site, update my site, improve my site


Can you imagine, when you are a one man show. Just getting started . And you are able to change and update your website as you wish.


That is how WordPress is. Once you learn how to do something, the knowledge is with you forever. Use it and reuse it at your pleasure.


It is key to note that, there are lots of people who learned WordPress, but never learned best practices. It will save you a lot of future hustles, if you learn the right, recommended and approved way of doing things.


Everyone can have the knowledge of how to do something. And teach it too. But it is the people who tell you why you do it, that I always want to learn from.


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