Welcome to the crunch

Last updated on December 31st, 2017 at 09:02 pm

Business is passion. 

Some have said that. I wonder whether it is so.

This blog is all business and entrepreneurship. Sometimes it will be Tech too, definitely. Sometimes it will be controversy and overly opinionated but that is why we are humans, we have the power of objectivity.

If you do not like it here please learn from the wiser. Take note:

  • This blog does not Condone Profanity against other commenters and followers. Address your anger to the admin.
  • Play nice and do NOT fight each other. Fight and you will be blocked FOREVER.
  • Feel free to link back to the posts.
  • I don’t get paid to promote anything. My opinion, my experience and my words.

This is my terms and conditions statement.

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