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 What is HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language . HTML is used for creating Web pages. If you want to become a Web Designer or a Web Developer, you must learn some HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).


Why you should learn HTML

1 Enables you to make Updates / tweaks

If you know HTML, making minor updates on your Website or on an email Template is a useful skill to have. Some of the things that may be easy for you to achieve when you know some HTML include:

  • Embedding Videos and any other snippets from other websites on your own website.
  • Making some tweaks to your HTML email Template
  • Adding Advertisement code on your Website
  • Making WordPress Child Themes. Yes. Especially coupled with some CSS skills.
  • Adding links, images and other HTML elements on your Website. On a WordPress website these could be added on the WP editor or on the widgets areas.

2 Learn how the Web Works

You visit the internet everyday. You are a frequent visitor of Facebook, Twitter , YouTube and other blogs. Would it not be great if you had a good understanding of how these websites work.


Would it not be wonderful to have a clue on how the sites are able to work so similarly. Yet be so different and be based upon the same foundation of HTML, CSS and other technologies.


Personally, I would be depressed if I had no idea how websites work or are built. I bet you would be too.

A knowledge of HTML will give you a foundational understanding of the sine qua non of building Websites and Web Applications.





3 Earn  some Extra Income

Once you have some HTML skills, you can help others without the knowhow to do update tasks.


Of course you will also need to improve your knowledge, Immensely.

Here is an example, if you know how to edit HTML templates. You can start charging people for that.

There are so many people engaged in email Marketing. And at the core of this , there are email templates. You can make yourself the go to guy for editing email Marketing Templates.

4 HTML is easy to learn

HTML is too easy to learn. There is no excuse here.

In fact you just need to know how HTML works, How tags are written and the rest you can learn along your journey of life. Most things you will learn by experiencing them in real situations.


Plus, there are so many tutorials online. So there is definitely no excuse.


5 HTML is a stepping stone to most programming languages

Do you have other goals in mind? For instance do you want to learn how to build Web Applications in PHP, or Javascript or Python and so on…


Then, you may need to start by learning HTML because you will not be comfortable following through with this languages if you are not well versed in HTML.


No question. You must start by learning HTML.

6 Build a Web Design / Development Career

Do you want to build a career in Web Design or in Web Development. You will not be able to survive without HTML skills.

It is so easy to learn that you should not even debate on whether you should learn it or not.

Start with HTML and build your skills gradually. One technology at a time. Just bear in mind that HTML and CSS are the absolute sine qua non of web design and Web Development.

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This HTML Course – ( What is HTML )

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  • It covers different topics in bite sizes. And by the end you will have a clear understanding of how HTML is used.
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  • You can ask me any question for as long as you are in the course. Life Time support for you.
  • Once you finish this course. Which happens to be very short. You will be able to join the CSS class and become a master of both.


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