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Last updated on December 31st, 2017 at 09:02 pm

Meeting time-bleed

Managers and bosses think meetings are useful. You might argue differently based on your experience. Meetings sometimes are useful however times they take time from your production time immensely.

Meeting time-bleed is the total time lost in production due to entire workforce meetings leading to a pause in production.

The meeting may be productive or may be a waste of employees’ time.

To calculate the time-bleed, take the total average time of disengagement of each employee and multiply by the total number of employees present in the meeting.

ü  Total Average time of Disengagement (taD)= From the time an employee pauses work due to a meeting to the time of resuming work.

ü  Meeting Time-bleed (mTB)= average taD * Total Number Employees present in the meeting.

To know the time you have wasted in a month, multiply the number of meetings held in that month with the average mTB for that particular month.

To know the total time wasted in a year multiply the average monthly mTB with 12.


Organizations cannot completely do away with meetings. However they can be reduced.

  • You do not have to call a meeting for every arising situation. What is the value of wasting everybody’s time over non-issues.
  • Do not gather all your clothes and burn them because one is torn. Simply put do not call everybody around to address a certain issue over which only one or a few people are culprits. In simpler terms talk directly to the problem.
  • One on one meetings are more effective. Schedule time with different people throughout the week, Month or year. No need to have accountants in a product features meetings for the product engineers.
  • Do NOT Micro-manage everything . Delegate and give trusted people power to make smaller decisions that do not affect the structure of the organization but do affect the overall outcomes of the organization. In delegation DO NOT abdicate. Give power but limit the power and check in once in a while to see that work is going well.

This post will be updated regularly to update this principle and to evangelise the principle to bosses and administrators.

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