Welcome to Bizanosa

Last updated on January 21st, 2016 at 12:33 pm

Welcome to Bizanosa.com


Bizanosa.com Provides Tutorials related to the web. There is currently A WordPress Video course for beginners and a MailChimp video course for beginners. My name is Ricky Wahowa and you will learn a lot from me about Web related platforms and technologies.


More Video Tutorials and eBooks will be added on the site.


There is a lot to learn. So join the Bizanosa List and always stay informed of all Tutorials and posts that are shared.


How does it work


Do I have to signUp to watch a course

As a User Experience enthusiast, I wanted to make barrier of entry close to zero as possible. So:

Content is provided publicly.


Next and previous buttons have been implemented on all posts and pages.

All video posts in a series of a course can be navigated on the url. This is done by changing the number on the url of the post. Eg:


Mailchimp course starts here:




Up to 28……..


WordPress Course starts here:



Up to 27……..


and so on ….


Other Paid courses will be available via Udemy , Bizanosa.com or any other place I will add them. All the information will be shared to those who are in this list.

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