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Simple Template for writing reviews

Simple Template for writing reviews


If you are getting started in online writing you may need to write reviews once in a while or constantly. Here is a simple guide that will prove invaluable to you if you get stuck. Copywriting skills are acquired over time. The more you do it, the better you become at it.

In this guide I will use Coursera and Udemy for samples where necessary.


1.      For courses / Or any list items e.g. Top courses on  Coursera, Top products for Company X , etc

Have an introduction just like you would normally do. Write an introduction for the entire topic. The topic being the Products, Companies , Services or Industries you are writing a review about. An intro is important.


Then list each item as a header and link to it. Just like you would normally do. Provide a link to enable people visit the product page and learn more about it.


Under each item, for instance if it is a course:

  • Write a small description about it as an introduction. With details like: Who’s the creator of the course and any other details about the course.
  • Then list what they are going to learn in the course. Make this a bulleted list. And add a pretty short description of each to expound on it.
  • If it is a Coursera specialization, list all the courses in the specialization. This list is very easy to find under the description of each specialization.
  • Then also add other details like how long it is going to take to complete the course. If it’s a Udemy course, write the number of students and what the reviews say about the course.


Your aim is not to try to get people to join it. Your aim is just to give an impartial review with the facts and details about the product or course.

And repeat this for every item in the article.


2.      For Comparisons eg Coursera vs Udemy , et.c

Provide and introduction for each product. Let  people know what they are and what they are used for.

Describe the differences between the products based on the various features and characteristics. Characteristic differences could be things like pricing, Customer service , security, and so on. Depending on the items being compared.


Ensure you put the differences in a list format. And expound on the points.

Add pros and cons for each of the items being compared. This helps people to make decisions.

Finally add a summary table. This summarizes all the features you have compared. You can format it however you wish. This article has a small sample table.


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