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Ricky Wahowa of Bizanosa.comHi and welcome to Bizanosa.Com . My name is Ricky Wahowa and I build websites. Bizanosa used to be my part time blog but decided to turn it to a platform where I can use videos to teach you how to build websites.

Ricky Wahowa ( @rwahowa )

After posting a few web design related videos on YouTube (Older Channel, Official channel), I received questions related to these videos. To help the masses at once I started to create full courses that teach one thing at a time eg WordPress, HTML, CSS , JS, PHP etc. I am constantly working on new courses and that is why I encourage you to join my list and you will get informed of new courses that come up.



What to expect on


1.Web Design and development courses by me

These are courses I have and will create and upload for you to learn from. Most will be available for free while some will be available via Gumroad or any other places I will decide to avail them.


2.Free Web Design and dev courses from reliable 3rd party YouTube Channels

These are courses I will embed on the website after personally checking them out. I will only embed courses that are of a good standard and were done to completion. Nothing mediocre.


3.Third Party Course reviews

These are courses from websites such as Lynda,Tuts+, Udemy, treehouse, etc .These are courses which I have personally watched or know to have a good content. Some of these courses will have affiliate links, meaning that if you buy I will get a cut. I will review these courses and only link to high quality courses from these websites. Also nothing mediocre here.


Courses coming up:


  1. Creating a Full WordPress website with no coding knowledge

In this course I will show you how to create a WP website with ecommerce capability, Email subscription, etc and I will use a free WP theme from WordPress.Org .

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  1. Introduction to Programming :

My reason for coming up with this course is to introduce non-computer science students to the ins and outs of programming in general. I believe programming is an art and a science, and before you start creating apps and websites there are things you must know. Knowing these things will help you grasp more programming languages better. There are things that are similar to almost all the widely used programming languages. And these are what I will teach you. I will create this course before I cover any form of programming on I believe in progressive learning.

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  1. HTML(5) and CSS –

What can I say, without HTML and CSS knowledge how would we build websites? You will learn the basic of web programming using HTML and CSS. By the end of the course you will be able to create and edit any web page.

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  1. More courses are coming up and will be added in due time (eg, Bootstrap and Foundation, JavaScript and JS frameworks, PHP and PHP frameworks etc)…

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