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wordpress tutorial for beginners all videos combined

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WordPress tutorial for beginners

This WordPress Video Tutorial for beginners will introduce you to WordPress.

You will learn to use WordPress . Web design is very important to those on a budget. You can learn how to use WordPress to make Websites.

This WordPress course will teach you everything about using WP.

What you’ll learn:

1. Introduction and Installation

This WordPress course was done on a local computer. That is, the WordPress site was set up on a local web server. In this section , you will start by installing the necessary tools . These are the tools that will enable you to run your website on your computer.

Being able to run your website on your computer will be very instrumental for you in future. This will be useful in creating future Websites. It will enable you to test your website before launching it.

It will also enable you to try  out plugins and themes in a safe environment without messing up your real website online.

1.WordPress tutorials course for beginners

This will be an introduction to the course. What you should expect to cover throughout the WordPress tutorial.

It will introduce you to the pace of the videos. A slow pace. That is intended for beginners learning WP.

2. xampp installation and create database video

Xampp among others, is a tool. One of the oldest tools that enables anyone to run PHP based systems on their local computer.

In this video, you will install Xampp. Then, we shall create a database for our Website. Every WP website must have a database to run. We shall create that Database in readiness for the installation of WordPress in Xampp.

3.WordPress Installation with Xampp

As long as you already have a database, installing WordPress is fast. You will see how it is done.

I am on a local computer. Therefore I will connect my database by adding the details. However, on a live server. Let’s say, Bluehost or Namecheap . You may not need to create a database first. If you choose to install WordPress  via the one click install, this will be done automatically.

On the local computer you will have to go through the process of creating a database, and then ,tell WordPress  where to find that Database.

You will learn how to do this in this video.

2. The WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard refers to the admin area. This is where everything that involves managing your website will come in. Things such as :

Installing plugins

Installing themes

Customizing Themes and plugins

Changing WordPress settings and so on

4.Overview of the WordPress DashBoard

This video will be a main overview of the Home page of the WP DashBoard .

5.Wordpress dashboard log in log out

3. WordPress settings

6.All about WordPress settings

4. Working with posts

7 difference between wordpress posts and pages

8 Create a wordpress post and the wordpress editor area

9. WordPress posts categories and tags

10. Edit a WordPress post

5. Working with pages

11. All about WordPress Pages create about and blog page video

12 Working with WordPress Pages create about and blog page video

13 Set up a blog and homepage in WordPress

6. About WordPress Menus

14.create a WordPress Menu- menus in wordpress video

15. WordPress menu – category – submenus etc

7. Working with Plugins

16 Introduction to WordPress Plugins

17. How to install WordPress Plugins

18. installing WordPress Plugins in the directory by upload

8. Learning about WordPress themes

19. WordPress themes Intro – Install , Delete and change themes video

20. Manual way to Install WordPress themes

21.How to Create a WordPress child theme bizanosa.com_

22. create child theme using a plugin – child theme plugin

9. About WordPress Widgets

23. All you need to know about WordPress widgets

10. WP Users and Roles

24. WordPress Roles managing users and wordpress profile

11. WP settings, Example plugins

25. All about WordPress settings – wp settings in details – bizanosa

26. important wordpress plugins for a new website


27. WordPress course conclusion – how to get help with wordpress

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