23. Working with WordPress widgets

Using widgets in wordpress

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Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to this WorddPress course by Bizanosa.com .

In the last video we saw how to create child themes. In this video we are going to look at WordPress widgets.

So, what are widgets? Widgets are these sidebar items. So, this is a widget, this is a widget. If I go to Bizanosa.com and show you, this here is a widget. And if you come down here, this is a widget as well .These are widgets. And this is also a widget .

For the current theme that I am using, you can see it is different with how it is on the WordPress 2015 theme. So, the widget locations will all depend on the theme and how it was created.

Let’s go to Appearance, Widgets. This theme has only one widget area. That means that we only have this one location for the widget area. For this one you see we have a widget area here .And we also have another one here.

So, it all depends on the theme that you are using. If you want to delete a widget, you can just delete a widget . Delete. Delete . And delete. And go back. Reload .

You will see the only widget we have is the search widget. So, to add a widget, if you want to show people the recent posts ,you’ll just drag the widget and place it in there .You can give it a title. You can give it the number that you want to show.

Each widget will come with it’s own customization possibilities . You can also add a widget by clicking on it , then click on add widget. And it will be added to the widget location.

If there were inactive widgets, they would be added here. Let me add the Text Widget. Just scroll up until you reach the top ,put it there. And if I come back to the front end and reload.

Okay, our Menu has disappeared again .

Menu Locations. Primary Menu , main Menu. Social Links Menu , social links. Save and publish . Then close. And our menu is back.

So, if you want to disable, let’s say Categories. You want to make it inactive, you will just drag it down to the inactive widgets. And when you come back, you will see that categories is now inactive.

So, a Text widget can support code. If you have code that you need to add on a widget you can add it using a text widget. Text widgets support any type of code, even JavaScript .

So let’s say you’ve added some text like that and you don’t want to lose that setting. Because if you delete, you will delete everything about the widget. And all the settings will be lost along with the widget.

So if you don’t want to lose those settings but you want to deactivate that particular widget, you will just drag it into the inactive widgets. And when you are sure you want it back, you will just drag it back .And all the settings will still be saved, any code that you had added, any links , any descriptions you had added will remain.

So that’s about widgets. It all depends on the theme you will be using .There are themes that have more than one widget area.

Okay, that’s it for this WordPress widgets video. In the next video we’ll take a look at WordPress users. We’ll see the different types of users that are available on WordPress. See you in that video.




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