19. Working with WordPress Themes

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 05:28 am.

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Video Transcript

Hi, and welcome back to this WordPress course by Bizanosa.com .

In the previous video we looked at plugins. In this video, we are moving on to WordPress themes. So let’s go to themes, you can just click there and it will take you to themes.

So, here on the theme Management page, you can see we have the three default WordPress themes. So, the first thing, if you want to delete a theme. You will come to Theme Details , then here, you can delete the theme.

Just click there. There will be a prompt .If you confirm, you will delete the theme. Cancel. Then you can also Live preview how the theme will look like .Before you install the theme you can preview it. And see how it will look like if you choose to use that particular theme.

If you like it, you can save and activate. And this theme will be activated and will become the theme that will run on your website.

You can also add new wp themes. I will Add New .So, just as plugins, you can search for the theme . When we were looking at plugins , we searched for a plugin and installed it through this dashboard window.

You can check out the popular themes .And you can also filter based on what you want. Do you want specific colors. Do you want the layout to be a fixed layout, Fluid Lay Out ,Responsive layout ,one column, Two column .

Once you are done checking the themes that you want, you will click on Apply filters . For example if I choose themes for BuddyPress , they have to be responsive . So I will just Apply Filters .

I have filtered based on what I wanted. I wanted a responsive layout and a buddypress theme .BuddyPress is a plugin for social networks. If you want to create a social network, you can try BuddyPress .

You can preview the theme or you can install the theme. You can preview details . I will search for the theme that I want to install, it’s called customizr. Let me search for that.

So I want to install this theme. Let me view the details and preview. I will install this theme.

So the WP theme has finished installing . Let’s go and live preview the theme . I will save and activate this theme. Every theme comes with its own design . Let me add a menu . So if you want to add a Menu.. The Main Menu, let me attribute that to the main menu . Then I will save and publish.

Every theme comes with different features .And you should not be afraid to explore the features for any theme you install .So I will save this and publish.

So for this course, it was just an introduction to WordPress and for that reason, I am not going to go into how to use this theme and all these features.

We have seen how you can install and uninstall a theme.

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