12. WordPress pages – create a HomePage

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 05:43 am.

12. Working with WordPress Pages create a Home page - Bizanosa Tuts

Video transcript

Hi and welcome back to this WordPress course by Bizanosa.com .

This is where we stopped in the last video. So the next page that I want us to create is a home page. A simple home page.

I will call it Home Page .

I will give this, Heading 2. Not the entire thing, just this one. So I will create a space. Give it the heading 2. Then, now I can bring it back .

And , down here I can add a link , Read More about us. And I will come into links , and link it to the about us page. So I will link to about us page, click on Add Link ,

This is just a simple page. Undo that… Let me create a space between them first. Then I will add Heading 2. So I can give this Heading 3. Then I will give this also Heading 3.

Just to make things interesting I can just add an image there. I will upload. I will just drag one file here. And I want it to be full size. That’s good. I will insert into the page.

Then, under body language , I also want to add . I can just drag the image right in there and it will be uploaded. I will insert into page.

You can just drag it in there. So I’m dragging it from off the screen, you cannot see it through the recording screen. Then I will insert into the page.

I will just come here. Press Enter. Then, paste it in. Give it the same color. Give it the same color. I can add a featured image. And with that, I can publish the page.

I will end the video right here. And in the next video, we’ll see how to make this the Blog page , make this the Home Page.

See you in that WordPress video.

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