11. Intro to WordPress Pages – Create a simple page

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11. About WordPress Pages create about and blog page - Bizanosa WP

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to this WordPress course by Bizanosa.com.

This is where we stopped in the last video. We edited all of these. In this video we are going to start working with pages. So, we’ll create different pages.

Let us get started. I will go to pages. Right now we only have one page. This comes with any new WordPress installation .

So, I will delete it, because I don’t need it. I will trash it. Just to make sure it is fully gone, I will come into trash and I will delete it permanently. So right now we don’t have any WordPress pages.

The first thing I will do, is create a new WordPress page so I will click on Add New. And I will start by the easiest page. Let’s just call it, about us.

I will add an image right here. So, I will go off of my screen here and drag in one file. Then, I want to change the size to maximum. Full size. Insert into page.

So, the same way with WordPress posts , you can schedule when it will be published, right there. You can change the visibility. You can make it private, password protected , public.

So if we go here to screen options, we have discussions ,we have custom fields .We have author and we have slug. So I want to display all of those under here.

WordPress Pages also can support comments. You can check this, to allow comments on pages. You can come here to the permalink, the link .You can edit it to whatever you want. New wp… then OK.

Then I will come here and publish the page. The next page that I want to create is the blog page.

So. I will simply call it Blog. And you will see what we will do with it later , to enable all our posts get listed under this page.

Right now if you go to this page to view it , you will see that it is just an empty page. With nothing in it . I will end this video right here.

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