10. How to edit a WordPress Post

Last updated on October 31st, 2020 at 05:47 am.

10.How to Edit a WordPress post - Bizanosa WordPress Tutorial

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome back to this Bizanosa.com WordPress tutorial for beginners.

In this video I want us to take a look at how you can edit a WordPress post. We are going to see how we can edit a post. So let’s go and see all the posts.

So these are the posts that I have been able to create .You can also create more WordPress posts which will enable you to at least follow along.

So let’s go to our homepage. We want to see how we can edit a WordPress post. And you can see, all the other posts are correctly spelled , there are no errors. Then once you realize that you skipped from five to seven , and this 7 has some errors as well.

So you can click on this to go and edit that particular post but this is theme specific. Meaning that if you are using a theme that doesn’t have this here it would be hard for you to get there.

So you can just come here, go into all posts. And find the post that you want to edit. You can click on it, or you can click on this link. So if I go to, I can be able to edit it.

I will see that the Title was wrongly spelt .I will correct that .Then this is supposed to be 6. And then in the content, I saw that there is a number which had been repeated.

So, this is supposed to be 3. This, is supposed to be 4. And I didn’t put any tags, so I will give it a tag of latest news. Add..

And I can also choose from most used Tags. I can see I’ve used this the most. Then I will just update. And that will do it for this post.

In the next video we are going to start looking at pages. Once we look at pages, we will be able to create our blog page and create our home page. So that we can have a blog page where all our posts are listed and a home page where we can tell people what exactly the website is about or anything else that we want them to know.

Okay. See you in the next video

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