Which WordPress Hosting Option to go with on Scalahosting [Video]

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Choosing the Right WordPress Hosting with Scala Hosting

In this post, I want to help you quickly decide which WordPress hosting option you should go with when you have chosen to use Scala Hosting. I will link to the different products, so whether it’s WordPress or shared hosting, I’m going to link to the different products.

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

If you want to host WordPress, one of the options available is managed cloud VPS hosting. With managed cloud VPS, you’ll get help managing the server. This is the priciest of them all, but with this, you can host multiple websites because you’ll have the full server. And the team at Scala Hosting will help you set it up and handle most of the tasks associated with the managed service.

Pricing for Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed cloud hosting is slightly pricier than the other options. For example, if you go for one month, it will be $29 or $49, and that includes the price of support. Support will help you with setup and any problems you have. You can always reach out to support, and they will assist you. This is a benefit of a managed VPS.

The pricing I mentioned is based on the monthly payment period. If you want to reduce the price, you can sign up for the annual plan or the three-year plan. However, it’s always a good idea to start with the shortest plan to see how it is, and then you can switch to a longer-term plan depending on your experience.

Web Hosting (Shared Hosting)

The next option you have is web hosting, which is just shared hosting. With this, you’re going to get access to the control panel, and you can install various scripts; one of them, of course, is WordPress.

Features and Pricing for Web Hosting

You’ll get access to your control panel, and on your control panel, you can install anything you need. You’ll see that you’re going to get a one-click installer, and this, of course, includes WordPress and a bunch of other scripts. If you go with the one-year plan or the three-year plan, that’s the price. If you go for one month, that is the price. I’ll do a demo of this in a future video.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Another option is WordPress hosting, which is managed WordPress hosting. Here, you don’t have to do anything with your server. Your WordPress will automatically get installed, and you’ll get your WordPress access. Then, you can use that to access your WordPress and build your website.

Features and Pricing for WordPress Hosting

It’s important to note that with the first plan, you’re going to get one WordPress website. With the other plans, you can have multiple WordPress sites, even unlimited WordPress sites. As with the other options, the pricing for a month is different from the pricing for a year or three years, which will be lower per month.

If you have multiple websites and need lots of resources, you should probably go with the entry cloud because it gives you guaranteed CPU, and you won’t share resources with other sites on the server.

Self-Managed Cloud VPS

The other option for WordPress hosting is the self-managed VPS route. If you’re a sysadmin and can manage your own server, this is the option you should probably go with. The other options are for people who don’t have the system admin skills needed to run and troubleshoot their own server.

Features and Advantages of Self-Managed Cloud VPS

If you have the skills to set up and troubleshoot your server, you should go with the self-managed cloud VPS. It also comes with a free control panel, which is a huge advantage. Instead of setting up a server on Digital Ocean, you might as well set it up on Scala Hosting because you’ll get a free control panel similar to cPanel.


For web hosting, if you’ve used shared hosting before, you can get shared hosting, which is much cheaper, and install your WordPress. Note that you can install one WordPress site on the first plan. The other plans offer unlimited WordPress sites.

For managed WordPress hosting, if you want to run WordPress, and you’re sure you’ll only be running WordPress, then you should go with the managed WordPress hosting.

I hope this guide helps you decide which option to choose when looking to host your WordPress site on Scala Hosting. If you have any questions, let me know. If you need a specific video tutorial, let me know as well. See you next time in another post.

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