Which programming languages should you learn in 2022

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Which programming languages should you learn in 2022. Before you decide which programming language you should learn, you need to know what you want to do with the language.

If you’re interested in Android development or generally mobile application development, then find the programming languages that are used for developing mobile applications. And learn one.

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If you’re interested in the web application space, then you can find the prominent programming languages that are used for building web applications. And pick one to learn.

Which programming languages are used in the areas you’re interested in? Which ones are popular and have a good community around them? This is because the community is very important. You will not be able to advance in a programming language if there is no environment whereby you can ask for help when stuck.

With that said, let us look at some of the programming languages that are definitely worth learning in 2022 and beyond.

Programming languages that are definitely worth learning in 2022

I’m just going to list them and then we can talk about them briefly. They are:

  • JavaScript – A popular language that is in high demand in different facets of technology.
  • Python – A beloved and extremely popular language used in data science, ML, Web development and so much more.
  • Golang – New cool kid. Growing in popularity and demand.
  • Kotlin or Java or C# (C sharp) – Object Oriented languages for secure, scalable Web, Desktop and distributed systems.
  • PHP – The language of the Web. The quickest way to build Web Applications.
  • Rust –  This is relatively new. Not that new. It’s about a decade old. This is an alternative to C/C++. If you want to build anything with C or C++, then learn rust and use Rust instead.


We’re starting from the first one, JavaScript. JavaScript is used all around; on the web, mobile, on the server. JavaScript is widely used by nearly every company. If you’re looking for a job and you want to learn a programming language, then JavaScript is a safe bet for you.

You can choose the front end, back end or full stack with JavaScript.


Python is very popular in data science. Python can be used for web applications and  desktop apps. Python is also widely used. Python is a loved programming language that is easy to start with . 

It is easy to get into. Easy to learn and there are lots and lots of tutorials online. The community is huge and you can definitely get jobs as a Python developer. It has lots of Frameworks for different tasks such as Web Development, Machine learning, big data and so on.

Python is a safe bet for anyone looking forward to becoming a gainfully employed programmer.


Golang (Go) is relatively new. Go was created by Google and has been adopted by lots of companies. This is now the go to language for most people who want to build fast scalable secure Web applications, and cloud/networking applications. If you want to build anything cloud related, or you want a back end for your applications,then go with Go. The demand is growing. There are lots of companies that have started using Golang so you’ll definitely get some jobs as a Go developer.


Kotlin is like Java. Let’s just say Kotlin is an improved Java. If you’re starting as a new programmer and your aim is to learn Java, you should probably just learn Kotlin instead.

Kotlin is a first class language for Android development just like Java. WHat you can do with Java, you can do with Kotlin.


If you want to go into game development, C# is a good programming language for that. If you want to get into WIndows App development, C# is the best for that too. You can build lots of things with C-sharp.


PHP is widely used on the web. Lots of small and medium sized companies use PHP. There is a huge demand for PHP developers, mostly due to the WOrdPress ecosystem.

PHP is easy to learn and can be used to build things faster than any other programming language on this list.

If you want to build a web application fast, just learn how to use PHP. You can learn php and then learn a framework like Laravel. That’s going to give you an upper hand in building Web applications faster. Web applications can definitely still run with PHP and you should not be discouraged by any negative feedback you get online about PHP. Just make sure you’re using a recent PHP version like php8


Rust is an improved C or C++.  If you want a language that does the same things as C and C++ and is loved by the community, use Rust.

 If you want to build legacy applications or you’re interested in maintaining legacy applications, building operating systems. Basically just building real native desktop applications, OS system applications, then C and C++ is the way to go.

Also if you want to go into major game development, C++ is what is mostly used in most of the games.


All right! I hope this has helped you  decide what programming language you should learn. In the end, you need to decide the path you want to take and stick with it.

Final advice, make sure you’re learning one programming language at a time. If you decide to start with Python or JavaScript, just stick with that for the time being until you master some of it. Make sure that you’re at least good at it such that you can build a few things with it before you move on to a different programming language.

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