Where is My Mailchimp API key?

Last updated on June 22nd, 2022 at 02:30 pm.

Where do I find my Mailchimp API key?

This short post will show you where your Mailchimp API key is located.

Step 1 : Log into Mailchimp

Step 2 : Click on your profile avatar at the lower left corner.

Step 3 : Click on account and billing. 

Click on your Mailchimp profiles' avatar and then click on Account and billing.
Step 2 and 3 shown here.

Step 4: Click on Extras, then API keys.

Click on Extras , then API keys.

Click Extras >> API Keys.

Step 5: Final step – Scroll down to the section that says Your API keys. Create akey if you don’t have one

Then scroll back down to copy it.

You can disable or delete a key if you are done with it. Watch the short video above if you are still a bit confused. 

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Video caption for Where is my Mailchimp API key 

Where is my Mailchimp API key? If you’re looking for an API key to connect anything to Mailchimp,  log into your Mailchimp account and then come down here under your profile. And then go into account and billing. And under extras you’ll find API keys.

If you scroll down here you can see your API keys. I don’t have any so i’m just going to click on create a key.

Your key is now ready. Scroll down and you can copy the key from there.

If you don’t want to use it anymore, you can disable it. Disable the key or if you just want to delete it click on the X. Confirm delete and the key will be deleted.

Alright. That’s how to get your Mailchimp API key.

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